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A Cup of Coffee and a Chat with West (Interview Series)

Many of you would already have listened to the Millionaire Interviews series I’ve been creating for the past few years. I really hope you’ve enjoyed it!

More importantly, I hope you’ve been able to implement into your life many of the strategies I’ve uncovered for you. And that it’s made a significant, measurable difference to your life.

It just so happens that I’ve also given some exclusive interviews, not as the interviewer, but as the expert. And in these interviews, one thing I’ve learned is that listeners really respect and respond to great content and authenticity. That is what these interviews embody, some very personal stories of my life, how I’ve overcome those issues and I also share many of the tools, tips, strategies and teachings that have helped form where I am today.

In this series, I get the pleasure of talking to blogging authority Yaro Starak, marketing genius Will Swayne, publishing experts Irina & Bill Webster and outsourcing guru Tyrone Shum. These interviews have been closely guarded for their audiences only until now, and I’m very pleased to release them to my audience.

Look out for them in the coming weeks!