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[Interview] Greg Cassar: A Behind The Scenes Look At Internet Marketing Strategy And Smart Outsourcing

Internet Marketing Strategist, Entrepreneur and Speaker

You’ve probably never heard of Greg, but that’s just the way he likes it. He’s the guy many big names go to when they are looking to take their online businesses to the next level. Greg shared some of the key observations he has learnt over the years working with some of the most recognised marketing brands and campaigns. I also quizzed him about getting started building a virtual team and how he is able to run his team effectively.

In this interview you will discover:

– The major themes business owners and clients need to focus on but rarely do

– Greg’s keys to online success for anyone looking to get serious about their internet business

– The key traits and characteristics of Greg’s elite marketers and high net worth clients have in common and how you can emulate them

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