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6 Lessons From a Mentor Who Made $1 Million in a Month Part 2

This is the second part in a 2 part series. Read the first article here.

Distinction #4 – Activity always expands to fit the time

This concept I’ve found to be so true in all areas of my life. When there is no urgent deadline, things just ‘cruise’ at an easy pace, and fill up the time. But put a time frame and make yourself accountable, and things start to REALLY happen.

This is true both on a long term (months/years) and short term (hours/days) scale. I’ll give you a quick example. In my time as a personal trainer, I myself used to hire a trainer to train me because I realise how important it is to keep myself accountable to someone else even though ‘in theory’ I know what I should be doing. As part of my sessions, I used to book 2 hour sessions with trainers, and by the end as you’d expect I was pretty stuffed. Then I started shortening the sessions to 1 hour, and I found I was lifting just as much and feeling just as fatigued as the 2 hour sessions.

Deciding my workout could be even more efficient, I decided to cut down my sessions to 30 minutes! Now I know when I go the gym, I have 30 minutes with which to be as intense as possible, stay super focused and then get out of the gym so I can do other stuff. My mindset was completely different, and in 30 minutes I was finding I could still get the maximum benefits in such little time. But I had to schedule that time, and I had to make sure that someone was there to keep watch and ensure I was on track.

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