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Coffee With West: Young Entrepreneur Startup Interviews (Will)

West Coffee

Will Swayne’s Young Entrepreneur Audio Series

This recording was created for Will Swayne’s Young Entrepreneur Audio Series. In it, we discuss the finer points of entrepreneurship, with a focus on online commerce.

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[Interview] Bob Ansett: The Keys To Success In Building a $400M Business From Scratch

Founder of Budget Rent-a-car, Entrepreneur and Best Selling Author of 2 Books, Patron of UQ Enterprize Competition

Bob revealed the grassroots of his early journey into business, and how he built and created a multi-million dollar business (Budget Rent-a-Car) from scratch with a ‘can do’ philosophy in a competitive industry and financially uncertain economic climate. You’ll also learn a bunch of leadership principles and how to think outside the box to give your team the edge and your business an advantage over your competitors.

In this interview you will discover:

– How he structured and nurtured his business and what steps he took to achieve it

– The winning philosophies of his company that created strong staff morale and differentiated him from the competition

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