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Coffee With West: Young Entrepreneur Startup Interviews (Will)

West Coffee

Will Swayne’s Young Entrepreneur Audio Series

This recording was created for Will Swayne’s Young Entrepreneur Audio Series. In it, we discuss the finer points of entrepreneurship, with a focus on online commerce.

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Networking Case Study: My First Big Joint Venture Pocketed Over $35K

I’m often asked ‘How did you meet your first JV partner?’

Meeting Joint Venture partners has been worth tens of thousands of dollars to me, none of which would have eventuated had I not been out on the playing field meeting people! In this blog post I’d like to tell you the process. My partner wishes to remain anonymous.

What I did was contact them through their site through email, to start building a relationship, so they got to know who I was.

I told them a little bit about what I do. I signed up for their email list and I found out they were running some workshops. At the time these workshops cost quite a lot of money to attend. I was happy to pay the money, to go and meet them and to learn what they had to teach.

For me, it was a process of being able to commit to actually putting some money down to go and meet them, for them to get to know me, and put my face out there. I met a lot of other people at those workshops and seminars as well, and subsequently I saw them in other seminars.

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