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Coffee With West: Young Entrepreneur Startup Interviews (Will)

West Coffee

Will Swayne’s Young Entrepreneur Audio Series

This recording was created for Will Swayne’s Young Entrepreneur Audio Series. In it, we discuss the finer points of entrepreneurship, with a focus on online commerce.

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Amazing questions lead to amazing quality of life!

If you ask yourself: “How do I earn or create a million dollars?” Your mind goes to work to discover the answer. Your mind is compelled to work ceaselessly until a satisfactory answer is found. Note that most individuals ask themselves questions like every one asks: “How do I get a job, salary or work?” Or “Can I earn $50,000 doing this?” The wrong question will generate the wrong result or a less than outstanding outcome.

Questions pre-determine the answer. The size of your question determines the size of your answer. Few people ever ask million dollar earning, inventing, innovating, generating and creating questions. They are yours to ask.

The difference between earning $100,000 per year and a million dollars per year is one zero. To earn a $100,000 per year a person must
work 250 days @ $400 a day. To earn a million a year the $400 must be increased to $4,000 per day. The difference is one zero.

If your loved ones life depended on it could you do it? The answer : “YES!”

Statistics prove that each millionaire creates ten new jobs and each billionaire creates ten thousand new jobs.

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