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Coffee With West: Online Business, Automation, Success Routines & Core Values (Tyrone)

West Coffee

Created For Tyrone’s readership at TyroneShum.com and MassOutsource.com

In this interview, Tyrone and West bounce ideas off each other on many topics related to online business and optimitizing your performance through a success mindset

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Automation and Outsourcing For Your Business Part #2

This is part 2 in a 3 part series. Read Part 1 here.

Consider getting a tech person. That is the #1 area that you should first look to outsource. So what skills should they have? when I first started looking, I had no idea.

I asked some of my colleagues who were doing it, and they shed some light on what’s worked for them. Here’s what’s worked for me, and with this range of skills, I’m confident your worker will be able to fulfill most if not all of your technical requests:

You could ask for a ‘Web Developer’. This title encompasses a range of skills. The main ones you’ll need are:

– Skills in coding php, html, css

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