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A Cup of Coffee and a Chat with West (Interview Series)

Many of you would already have listened to the Millionaire Interviews series I’ve been creating for the past few years. I really hope you’ve enjoyed it!

More importantly, I hope you’ve been able to implement into your life many of the strategies I’ve uncovered for you. And that it’s made a significant, measurable difference to your life.

It just so happens that I’ve also given some exclusive interviews, not as the interviewer, but as the expert. And in these interviews, one thing I’ve learned is that listeners really respect and respond to great content and authenticity. That is what these interviews embody, some very personal stories of my life, how I’ve overcome those issues and I also share many of the tools, tips, strategies and teachings that have helped form where I am today.

In this series, I get the pleasure of talking to blogging authority Yaro Starak, marketing genius Will Swayne, publishing experts Irina & Bill Webster and outsourcing guru Tyrone Shum. These interviews have been closely guarded for their audiences only until now, and I’m very pleased to release them to my audience.

Look out for them in the coming weeks!

A Major Lesson From My Interviews with Multi-Millionaires

Last weekend I was at a party and got round to meeting some of the esteemed guests there.

I got speaking to a store owner who owned one of Brisbane’s boutique cake shops. After pleasantries were exchanged, she asked me some of the things I did, and I ended up telling her about some of the incredible interviews with wealthy people I’ve done lately. I told her I’ve done close to 30 interviews now, from people ranging in net worth from $1 – $50 million dollars.

She was very interested and realized the scale of wisdom I’ve been privileged to encounter. What came next really got me thinking:

“West, tell me one thing that you would say is the major distinction you’ve observed that distinguishes these people from the rest.”

I thought to myself: “Great question!!”

My answer surprised even me. And although I don’t think it’s the all encompassing answer, it certainly is right up there in my reflections of the key traits.

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Help Enough Others To Get What They Want and You’ll Get What You Want

All successful people know one important fact and live by it:

You earn money only through satisfying the needs and wants of others.

Think carefully about that last sentence before you shake your head. Nothing is bought, sold or traded that does not satisfy some need or fulfill someone’s desire. Make the welfare of others a chief priority in your life and you hold an important key to lasting success. Find ways to better serve your customers, business partners, colleagues, friends, family and others to the best of your ability. This must be foremost in your mind and reflected in your daily decisions and actions.

It is only by helping others to their success that you guarantee your own.

Trouble only arises when you change your focus from cooperation with others to focusing strictly on yourself; when your thoughts turn towards problems or your own profit then trouble begins.
Just learning to dedicate yourself to the person you are talking to or dealing with, will increase your success in business immediately and substantially!

If you enjoy doing this, you will be not only successful, but happy as well. This is the only way to true happiness: find a need (that unfulfilled, bothers many people) and enjoy filling it. If people do not want or need what you offer (we are not talking only about products and services, but your ideas as well!), you can waste much energy without any (or very little) success.
This idea is easy to understand. When you act in the best interest of others, people recognize and appreciate your commitment to them and reward that commitment by giving you their energy (business, time, attention, loyalty, money) back. Its as easy as that.

Always remember: Your problems are of no interest to the vast majority of people, however, you can solve the vast majority of your own problems by simply helping others solve theirs.

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My Intangible Wealth Statement

My intangible wealth is so vast as to be incalculable; giving me the personal net worth of a multimillionaire, even a billionaire. Think of the wealthiest individuals on the planet — perhaps Bill Gates or Warren Buffet or The Sultan of Brunei or one of the Asian tycoons — and think of their vast financial wealth. And now that I have thought of their huge mountains of money, I shall dismiss this entirely from my mind. Here on my Intangible Wealth Statement, financial worth is of no consequence.

Instead, of most importance are my hidden assets, my everyday blessings. For example, if I am younger than Bill Gates or Warren Buffet and healthier than both of them, so what if they are worth billions of dollars? My ‘age wealth’ and my ‘health wealth’ exceed theirs. What about happiness and peace of mind? If I am happier than The Sultan of Brunei and have greater peace of mind than him, my ‘happiness wealth’ and my ‘peace of mind wealth’ both exceed his.

Now I’ll write my top five Gratitude Factors, my five most important Feel Good Factors, and my five most valuable Physical Assets. Once written, I must give each factor a dollar value — unless I believe its worth is incalculable, in which case I shall just write ‘priceless’ as in the examples on the next page. What value do I place upon being a citizen of a country that believes in free enterprise — is this worth at least one million dollars?

What is the value of having eyes that can look up and see a majestic sunset or view the full moon on a clear starlit night — if my eyesight is good, would I sell my eyes for one million dollars? It is probable that I possess an intangible wealth that can be calculated in the hundreds of millions of dollars. So, from this day forth, I will always feel like the Millionaire I truly am.

Empowered Millionaire’s
Intangible Wealth Statement

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Hi and welcome to my Blog. My name is West Loh . I’ve been witnessing the massive growth of Blogs, and being an internet marketer, I thought it imperative to at least begin one.

I’ve learnt that you need to love what you’re blogging about. If you don’t, it becomes a JOB. I’m lazy. I don’t want a job. Especially considering how 80% of bloggers don’t make a cent blogging.

I hope to make small, regular posts of inspirational, motivational snippets I’ve gathered over the years from hundreds of seminars I’ve attended and thousands of books I’ve read. If you learn one new thing that adds value to your life, then this has all been worth it.

So make sure you check back regularly!

I’ll make another post soon. Just want to test a few things. cheers

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