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My Top 9 I-Phone Apps That Enhance Your Business, Relationships and Life

It’s been several months now since I’ve joined the I-phone clan, and I can resoundingly say it has changed my life and business for the better, with all it’s amazing capabilities.

In this article, I’m going to share with you the Top 10 apps I’ve come across (both free and paid), that have made a significant difference for me, either in business, internet, productivity, lifestyle or relationships.

I’ve tested hundreds of the most popular and most downloaded apps from itunes, and scanned through reviews and video’s of hundreds more. You can be confident I’ve given a large majority of apps consideration when putting together this list.

1. The Google App

This App puts all your google accounts in one place: calendar, docs, talk, tasks, reader, notebook and more! Many of them have been modified to perform best on your iphone, so enjoy the simplified layouts and fast speed. It’s free and an absolutely essential addition to your iphone. The voice recognition software for google searches means you don’t have to bumble around typing stuff when you’re out and about. Just speak and google will spit back exactly what you’re after.

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Automation and Outsourcing Tips For Your Online Business Part #3

This is Part 3 in the series.

Read Part 2 here and Part 1 here.

If you find someone who’s good, using these contracting sites I’ve outlined in previous posts in this series, actually pay them more than they expect when the job is done. That creates an instant loyalty. We talked before about how these countries have currencies and economies that, because our economies in certain Western countries are better, if you give some people a bonus of $10 USD or $20 USD for a job, that’s massive.

It makes a big difference, and can be a whole days’ worth of work.

For you it’s nothing, really, it’s not much at all, another $10, but for these people it can feed their families for a couple of days, and that’s a lot.

This is just a way to create the loyalty and build a sense of team around what you’re doing.

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[Interview] Angie Spiteri: How To Generate Time and Save Up to 2 Extra Hours Per Day

Time Management Authority, Speaker, Consultant and Founder of Generating Time

Angie is convinced everyone can find at least another 2-3 hours everyday by being smart with their time. I grill her on some of the most effective strategies that corporations pay her big bucks to get trained in!

In this interview you will discover:

– Techniques to save time handling emails

– How to set a system to manage your tasks

– How to prioritize tasks to achieve the best results in the least amount of time

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Help Enough Others To Get What They Want and You’ll Get What You Want

All successful people know one important fact and live by it:

You earn money only through satisfying the needs and wants of others.

Think carefully about that last sentence before you shake your head. Nothing is bought, sold or traded that does not satisfy some need or fulfill someone’s desire. Make the welfare of others a chief priority in your life and you hold an important key to lasting success. Find ways to better serve your customers, business partners, colleagues, friends, family and others to the best of your ability. This must be foremost in your mind and reflected in your daily decisions and actions.

It is only by helping others to their success that you guarantee your own.

Trouble only arises when you change your focus from cooperation with others to focusing strictly on yourself; when your thoughts turn towards problems or your own profit then trouble begins.
Just learning to dedicate yourself to the person you are talking to or dealing with, will increase your success in business immediately and substantially!

If you enjoy doing this, you will be not only successful, but happy as well. This is the only way to true happiness: find a need (that unfulfilled, bothers many people) and enjoy filling it. If people do not want or need what you offer (we are not talking only about products and services, but your ideas as well!), you can waste much energy without any (or very little) success.
This idea is easy to understand. When you act in the best interest of others, people recognize and appreciate your commitment to them and reward that commitment by giving you their energy (business, time, attention, loyalty, money) back. Its as easy as that.

Always remember: Your problems are of no interest to the vast majority of people, however, you can solve the vast majority of your own problems by simply helping others solve theirs.

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Understand your shortcomings and you will understand failure

The super successful also have a different take on failure.

Failure is what happens when you do something. The greatest successes in the world also experienced the greatest failures. The all-time strikeout record in major league baseball is held by … Babe Ruth. But we don’t remember him for his strikeouts. We remember him for setting a home run record that stood for decades. No one cares about his strikeouts. The point is he kept swinging the damn bat! Most of us never get out of the dugout—let alone up to the plate. Those people not only wonder why they never hit a home run—and even begrudge the determined hitters who do!

The key to success is understanding your shortcomings

Donald Trump has lost billions in his financial deals. But who cares. He has made billions more with his successful ventures, and he just keeps swinging the bat. After stumbling into the New World, Christopher Columbus failed in his subsequent
explorations and died a poor and disappointed man. But on Columbus Day do we celebrate his dying destitute? Of course not. We celebrate his success.

This reminds me of a story about Tom Watson, Sr., founder of IBM, being asked by a young management trainee, “Sir, how do I get to the top of the management ladder here?” Watson replied immediately, “Double your failure rate, son. Double your failure rate.” His point was, of course, that more failures could only result from more tries, more initiative, more risk taking … all the actions required for growth. Most of Thomas Edison’s experiments failed miserably— thousands of them. He thought direct electrical current was the answer to lighting the world, and that alternating current was
a passing fad. He was wrong. And nobody cares. Instead, we’re indebted to Edison’s genius and his determination whenever we turn on a light bulb or hear recorded music, watch a film. For the super successful, failure is a valuable lesson. It’s a road not to take again, or at least under the same conditions. And then they move on. Failure is nothing more than testing. As Edison said, “Success is 99% perspiration and 1% inspiration.”

To the high performance person, “Fear” is “False Expectations Appearing Real.”

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Amazing questions lead to amazing quality of life!

If you ask yourself: “How do I earn or create a million dollars?” Your mind goes to work to discover the answer. Your mind is compelled to work ceaselessly until a satisfactory answer is found. Note that most individuals ask themselves questions like every one asks: “How do I get a job, salary or work?” Or “Can I earn $50,000 doing this?” The wrong question will generate the wrong result or a less than outstanding outcome.

Questions pre-determine the answer. The size of your question determines the size of your answer. Few people ever ask million dollar earning, inventing, innovating, generating and creating questions. They are yours to ask.

The difference between earning $100,000 per year and a million dollars per year is one zero. To earn a $100,000 per year a person must
work 250 days @ $400 a day. To earn a million a year the $400 must be increased to $4,000 per day. The difference is one zero.

If your loved ones life depended on it could you do it? The answer : “YES!”

Statistics prove that each millionaire creates ten new jobs and each billionaire creates ten thousand new jobs.

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Dream Big to Achieve Success

Where will you be five years from today? Are you still living in the same house?

Driving the same car? Working at the same job? Does five years pass and make you older, grayer, fatter, deeper in debt?

Or do you see a brighter future?
Let’s go there.

Dream big.

Ask yourself, “How good could life be five years from today?” Pretend that all of your dragons have been slain, all your demons have been banished. The way is clear before you. Just you and anything you want in five years or less. Lift yourself above the burden of your current life and ride on wings of imagination into the future. Imagine your dream home. Walk up to the front door and step inside.

What is the first thing you see?

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Your New Life Plan: The Way You Really Want It

Think about what you can trade off in your everyday life so that you are spending more of your valuable time on what really matters. What unimportant things can you replace with more important activities? Fill in the chart below realistically, replacing those unimportant things with something small and easy that, over a period of time, will make a difference in your life. Create a new, more valuable schedule for your average day—one that invests your time wisely. It doesn’t have to be hard and the changes don’t have to be huge. Don’t make this into a big production or make it so difficult that you can’t do it. Keep it easy.
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8 Success Secrets

1. Take 100% Responsibility for Your Life – In a society where people blame everything from their parents to the government for failure, those who don’t buy into this mentality or succumb to the “victim” thinking succeed. To blame something or somebody outside yourself is saying they have control of your life and not you. Someone else’s opinion of you doesn’t have to become your reality.
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Use Your Idle Time To Get Richer

Imagine having personal coaching by the worlds best authorities on any topic you care to imagine? Great speakers, teachers, philosophers, and books are available on audio and you can play them at your leisure. My best teachers have come to me through audiotapes. And the best thing is that it is just so convenient. Through audiotapes and CDs, my mentors show up on my schedule. I can listen in my car, on an airplane, in my office, or lying by the pool. I heard once that during our lifetime the amount of time spent in our car is the same amount of time it takes to earn the equivalent of four PhD programs.

You can use that windshield time to learn how to do almost anything: become rich, more successful, a better leader, or a more effective parent. You name it and I bet there is an audio program available on it. You can even learn how to lose weight by listening to audiotapes—although the best way to lose weight is to stop putting so much food in your mouth!

I have thousands of dollars invested in my audio library. It is one of my most prized possessions. I am convinced that my audio library has had a bigger influence on my life than any other educational source.

In fact, I have three degrees – but the time I have used listening to experts driving to and from university was more valuable to me than the degrees I earned!