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[Interview] Bob Andersen: Billionaire Property Developer Reveals Tips, Strategies and Mindset Techniques To Build Massive Wealth

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One of Australia’s Wealthiest Property Developers, Having Turned Over More Than $1 Billion Worth of Property Development Deals

You’ve probably never heard of Bob Andersen, he’s the guy behind the scenes putting together some of the largest property development deals in the country. I’ve managed to track him down in a rare interview to get inside the mind of this real estate genius. If you’re a property investor and want to take your game to the next level, time to listen up!

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[Video] Nhan Nguyen on Property Investing Mistakes, Strategies and Mindset

In this short interview, Nhan and I talk about some of the biggest mistakes beginner investors make when delving into real estate. We also discuss some of the strategies Nhan has been up to, and touch on some of the mindset traits of successful investors.

If you enjoyed this interview you can get a much more in depth interview where I drill Nhan for about an hour talking about where he came from and how he went from nothing to controlling over $70 million in real estate.

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[spoiler]Advanced Property Strategies
Nhan Nguyen

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Video Interview with Rich Dad Advisor and Property Magnate John Burley

Ever since reading ‘Money Secrets of The Rich’, I’ve been a huge fan of John Burley.

I had the privilege of speaking with John in this interview, where we discuss the fundamental principles behind negative gearing, property investing trends and strategies, and ice cream (as an analogy for investors)!


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[Interview] Nhan Nguyen: How I Started in Property and Went From 0 to Controlling Over $70 million Worth Property in less than 3 Years

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Property Investor with over 70 deals, Speaker, Found of Green Mint Property Group

We were lucky enough to get Nhan to discuss some of his projects and strategies in some detail in this interview. He also reveals some of his personal mental shifts and how he’s continually cultivated his networks and honed his craft of property investing.

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