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Part 6/7: Permanently Installing New Belief Systems With Key Exercises

Examples of new beliefs to install:

-Money flows to me in avalanches of abundance

– I am free to create whatever I want with money

– I am grateful that I am an honest and generous rich person

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Part 5/7: Common Examples of Financial Blockages That Hold Most People Back

The Creation of Your Beliefs

Most blocks have formed as a result of modeling the significant people around you – like your parents, teachers and friends.

If your parents believed that they could never be rich, you are likely to have taken on those beliefs yourself, whether you wanted to or not.

Remember, the beliefs you have are nothing but perceptions and interpretations you make about these past experiences. However, after a while, you forget they are merely perceptions and begin to accept them as absolute truths. That is when they become commands embedded in your brain, and begin to determine how you live your life. While some of the beliefs actually empower you, many of them severely limit you.

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Part 4/7: The Subconscious (Emotional) Side of the Triangle


This is the area most people neglect, and we’re going to spend some SERIOUS time with you in this program to ensure you never let this side slip. The reason is… because we believe it to be EQUALLY as important for success as the other two, and most people COMPLETELY NEGLECT or are simply UNAWARE that this is missing. How do you tell if you’ve been neglecting this area of the triangle?

Simple – Lack of results. But you’re working really hard. You just don’t know why but you know something is holding you back.

You have all the ‘knowledge’, and all the ‘tools’ to get results, but years go by and your annual pay cheques year after year – for the last decade – remain within 5% of each other.

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Part 3/7: The Mental and the Physical Sides of The Freedom Triangle of Success

Side 1 – MENTAL

This side of the triangle refers to all the KNOWLEDGE and learning you have immersed yourself in. Are you someone who is always reading about ‘how to’ do something? For example – how to trade shares, how to invest in property, how to create an online business, how to improve your relationships, etc etc etc? Do you or have you attended seminar upon seminar on wealth creation, finances and relationships? Are you constantly listening to audio programs and reading books on ‘how to’?

The person who focuses too much on this area becomes almost a walking encyclopedia of information. With ZERO results. The funny thing is, they keep searching for more information, immersing themselves in more and more information and creating a vicious cycle where they become more educated but financially worse off. Somehow, they manage to justify that this is ok.

The very fact you are reading this proves you already have a very strong ‘Mental’ side to your triangle. I’m not suggesting for a second that you are in the above cycle, but many of you reading this will be able to relate to it. Although we’ll be refining your mental sharpness in this program, it’s NOT going to be our focus to throw more information at you. In fact, if anything you’ll be STOPPING searching for more ‘how to’ information so that you can start EXECUTING. With the other two sides of the triangle in balance, you’ll be able to finally do so – and that’s what separates this program from all the other ‘money making’ programs on the market (they all fail to address the emotional side).

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How to Identify and Remove Financial Blocks Introduction Part 1/7

Have you ever heard a ‘qualified’ financial planner tell you “keep working and putting away money, so when you retire (at around 65) you will have a sizeable ‘nest egg’ of money which you can then retire with and live the life of your dreams?”

This usually means a house by the beach, lots of free time walking on that beach with the partner of your dreams, lots of travel and a luxury boat and car as well.

The harsh reality is….. over 95% will NOT have enough money saved to even fund a retirement that maintains their current standard of living.

Hundreds of thousands of hard-working citizens will not be able to fund a retirement plan that’s barely even more than welfare. What makes this utterly ludicrous is that the planners, financial institutions and governments know it.

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[Interview] Monte Huebsch: Top Business and Life Success Strategies To Set You Apart From Your Competition

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CEO AussieWeb, Google Guru, Keynote Speaker, Fellow Institute of Management Consultants

Monte candidly shares about his journey in life and business. One thing about Monte – he isn’t your typical entrepreneur. So if you’re wanting textbook business fundamentals, don’t listen to this. However, if you’re keen to learn new, out-of-the-box, highly effective ways to grow your business, stimulate your staff to work harder for you, and differentiate yourself from your competition, then look no further.

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Shocking Insights from Food Inc. Movie Review on Organic, Healthy Foods

In this interview I chat to Fran from High on Health about her thoughts and reactions to the movie Food Inc.

We talk about some of the shocking things that happen in the industry and how you can take the major learnings from the movie and implement them in small steps into your life today.

This issue on health is an important one that affects every living human being, so I thought it worthwhile to share with my audience.

Hope you enjoy the Interview and learn at least one thing. Here’s to your health!

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[Interview] Jason Urbanowicz: How I Overcame My Monumental Subconscious Blocks To Create My Dream Life And How You Can Too!

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Champion BodyBuilder, Director Beyond Success Qld, Speaker, Investor

Jason’s tale is a truly remarkable journey, beginning from a life of bad habits and drugs to inspired big achiever, all a result from a few shifts in mindset and a little hard work to turn his life around. Jason hides nothing in the tell all interview, laden with specific strategies that got him from zero to mega results in a few short years.

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[Interview] Bob Andersen: Billionaire Property Developer Reveals Tips, Strategies and Mindset Techniques To Build Massive Wealth

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One of Australia’s Wealthiest Property Developers, Having Turned Over More Than $1 Billion Worth of Property Development Deals

You’ve probably never heard of Bob Andersen, he’s the guy behind the scenes putting together some of the largest property development deals in the country. I’ve managed to track him down in a rare interview to get inside the mind of this real estate genius. If you’re a property investor and want to take your game to the next level, time to listen up!

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[Interview] Eric Trieu : Entrepreneurial Mindset Secrets Critical To Success in Property, Business and Life

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Director of the Aldy Group, Property Investor and Speaker/Educator

Eric’s journey is an inspirational one, coming from very modest beginnings and reaching sophisticated investor level in such a short period of time. Having launched The Aldy Group and invested in many properties, Eric shared his philosophies on business, attitude and keeping things in perspective. There are some useable gems in this interview. Don’t miss it!

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