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[Interview] Andrew Grant and Paul Blackburn: How To Gain a Money Mind Set and Overcome Subconscious Blocks

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West talks to CEO of Beyond Success Paul Blackburn and OurInternetSecrets Director Andrew Grant in an Epic Double Header!

Andrew and Paul discuss the key concepts that have exponentially increased their income levels.

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[Interview] Tyrone Shum: Killer Filipino Outsourcing Strategies For Your Online Business

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Creator of Mass Outsource Mastermind, Expert in Outsourcing to Philippines

After learning about outsourcing in the Philippines through Tyrone’s course, this interview focused on some of the key issues associated when setting up, running and growing your virtual staff. We also learn about Tyrone’s journey into internet marketing and how he’s managed to skyrocket his results through outsourcing.

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Coffee With West on Membership Sites and Mindset of Online Entrepreneurs (Yaro)

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Created For Yaro’s Inner Circle of Membership Mastermind Students

In this interview, West candidly shares the mindset and mechanics that profited him over $30,000 in his first year running Money-Mind-Set.com. Yaro holds nothing back in his questions, and West is up to the task!

In this interview you will discover:

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[Interview] George Mihos: How To Uncover Your Hidden Potential and Skyrocket Your Success

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Speaker, Property Investor, Entrepreneur

George and I discussed some of the major strategies he’s employed during his successful business launches. He talked about the Success Mindset and gave us some great analogies we can take and implement daily. It was a very interactive session so make sure you have your pens and papers to capture some golden tips!

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Coffee With West: Young Entrepreneur Startup Interviews (Will)

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Will Swayne’s Young Entrepreneur Audio Series

This recording was created for Will Swayne’s Young Entrepreneur Audio Series. In it, we discuss the finer points of entrepreneurship, with a focus on online commerce.

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Coffee With West: University of Success Interview (Irina)

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Created For Irina Websters ‘University of Success’ Audio series

An Interview about the Success Mindset. West talks about some of his mentors and a few key proven guiding principles for a successful and happy life

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Coffee With West: Online Business, Automation, Success Routines & Core Values (Tyrone)

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Created For Tyrone’s readership at TyroneShum.com and MassOutsource.com

In this interview, Tyrone and West bounce ideas off each other on many topics related to online business and optimitizing your performance through a success mindset

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[Video] Noah St John: Taking Your Foot off The Brakes And Succeeding Subconsciously

In this interview I talk to mindset success expert, Noah St John about how to take your foot off your ’emotional’ brakes allowing yourself to live up to your full potential!

Noah St. John is the inventor of Afformations and author of the bestselling book The Secret Code of Success. He’s been endorsed by Stephen Covey, John Gray, T Harv Eker and Joe Vitale.

You can get more great interviews from other experts that I did at the event here. Enjoy!

Full Transcript

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Lifestyle Summit Interviews on Trading Success, Authenticity and Copywriting

Recently, I was invited by Chen Tay to a private clients only event for Aussie Rob’s Lifestyle Trading clients. My Mission: to get an informal interview with some of the featured speakers at the event.

We were incredibly lucky to have it hosted at the Royal Pines resort on the Gold Coast, and (for the most part) was treated to good weather, fabulous speakers and cool adventure activities (after all, it was a lifestyle summit!).

You can view my interview with Natural Health Practitioner Wayne Pickstone here.

You can view my interview with Property Investing Magnate John Burley here.

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Part 7/7: A Powerful Strategy for Reprogramming Your New Paradigm

Removing Blockages and Building New Programs

By now hopefully you’ve identified some of the deeper issues that may have caused your financial situation.

The good news is, IT IS NOT YOUR FAULT.

So, if you know that blocks are nothing but limiting generalizations that are holding you back, then how do you remove them? How do you collapse the blockage ‘tables’ that have formed within your subconscious mind? The answer is to remove the legs that hold the table up!

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