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Sleep Cycle App Review: Strategies and Tips to Sleeping Deep Every Night!

An alarm clock that analyzes your sleep patterns and wakes you in the lightest sleep phase – a natural way to wake up where you feel rested and relaxed.

Sleep Cycle App

What You Will Learn in This Video:

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Exercise The ‘Magic Pill’, Heart Health and Lifestyle Risk Factor Assessment You Must Do!

In this presentation I give to a small group of corporate clients, I talk about Exercise as a magic pill with no side effects.
I also cover:

– The process of your arteries go through prior to having a heart attack
– My experiences in the cardiac surgery ward
– Major cardiac risk factors you need to be taking care of
– Some basic health and fitness exercise principles

Was shot a while ago so please excuse the imperfect video quality and audio. I trust its still understandable and you can learn at least a few key concepts.

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Shocking Insights from Food Inc. Movie Review on Organic, Healthy Foods

In this interview I chat to Fran from High on Health about her thoughts and reactions to the movie Food Inc.

We talk about some of the shocking things that happen in the industry and how you can take the major learnings from the movie and implement them in small steps into your life today.

This issue on health is an important one that affects every living human being, so I thought it worthwhile to share with my audience.

Hope you enjoy the Interview and learn at least one thing. Here’s to your health!

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[Video Interview] Wayne Pickstone: Your Natural Health Blueprint

Wayne Pickstone is a highly acclaimed health practitioner who endorses natural solutions to a healthy, vitalic life. His methods have been proven with hundreds of clients (mainly investors, marketers and business executives) to reduce stress, improve energy levels and lower disease.

Although I only had Wayne for a short period, we did get to speak about some key concepts I hope will help you in your journey!

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How The UFC and its Fighters Push Their Boundaries & How You Can Too!

I’m super pumped. Why? Because the UFC will be in Australia this weekend for UFC 110.

You might think I’ll be there at Acer Arena to witness is, but I won’t. You see, tickets were literally sold within hours of the pre-release! So, hell yes I was bummed. Tickets are now going for upwards of $600 on eBay. Now THAT is a market, and its easy to see why MMA is undisputedly the fastest growing sport on the planet.

The UFC organise events every 2-3 weeks, enough to keep their fans satiated, but still leaving them wanting more. They’ve branched out all over the world and audiences are clambering to get in to their events, which almost always sell out. And not only that, some of the PPV numbers are just massive, rivalling and even surpassing other sports like boxing and football. They are growing so fast it will be interesting to see how the organisation handles the growth, and how its president Dana White handles his time. Right now it seems he’s everywhere – choosing and cutting fighters, doing deals with venues, and even making appearances on the hit tv show ‘Ultimate Fighter’. As the UFC gets bigger and bigger he will definitely have let some of this stuff go if the company is to grow without a bottleneck.

Now let’s look at the fighters. First I want to preface this by saying I’m an exercise physiologist/scientist and have worked with many elite athletes. When I look at a UFC fighter, it amazes me as to how extreme their sport is. So lets take a look at how the best athletes prepare, and how you can take those same lessons and apply it in your business.

box Before a fight, they usually take 4-6 weeks of their lives and commit to a training ‘camp’. This removes them totally from their normal daily routines and people and FORCES them to train, eat, sleep and recover. They also strategise and watch footage of their opponent, putting together a strategy to beat them.

How does this apply to you?
Do you find your productivity explodes when you have a deadline? When you’ve made it public and other people expect a good performance from you? If you answered yes, and you KNOW this works for you, why not turn all your projects into 4-6 week ‘camps’, make yourself accountable and get a great team on board?

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Major Lessons from Tony Robbins Live UPW Seminar in Sydney

Recently, I attended Tony Robbins last ever UPW event in Sydney.

I wanted to share with you all the amazing lessons and reflections learned from the event.

Experiencing Anthony Robbins live was out of this world. Don’t get me wrong – I don’t see Tony as a ‘motivator’ – he has helped me improve all aspects of my life ever since I started to listening to him on audio a few years ago. It became a life goal of mine to go see him live, and when an opportunity came up I bit the dust and threw a few thousand $$ on the table for a front row seat.

The first day included the FIREWALK. But here’s the thing – it’s not really about the firewalk. The firewalk is irrelevant. It represents a metaphor – getting into such a peak state that any obstacle in front of you doesn’t exist. If you’ve ever played sport at a high level or done anything where you’ve been totally in the zone, this would compare to the state Tony helps put you in before the walk.

As we stormed out clapping in unison, chanting ‘YES, YES’ the whole crowd bonded and there was an atmosphere that I’ll never forget. Most of us had been totally starved for the whole day by now (Tony hadn’t given any breaks for 8 hours straight) dehydrated, emotionally smashed and beat up and many still coming to terms with potential ending up with severe burns on their feet…. but everyone was so revved up and the collective energy was a rare occurence that I might only have felt on the most memorable of New Years celebrations when the clock struck midnight.

By my calculations by nights end over 99% of the 5000 had done the walk, many 2 or 3 times. I saw elderly women aged 70+ do it and I also saw 10 and 11 year olds choose to conquer their inner demons. It was a liberating experience. Hell, after walking on fire, making a few bucks online doesn’t seem so daunting anymore.

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