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[Interview] Andrew Grant and Paul Blackburn: How To Gain a Money Mind Set and Overcome Subconscious Blocks

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West talks to CEO of Beyond Success Paul Blackburn and OurInternetSecrets Director Andrew Grant in an Epic Double Header!

Andrew and Paul discuss the key concepts that have exponentially increased their income levels.

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Part 6/7: Permanently Installing New Belief Systems With Key Exercises

Examples of new beliefs to install:

-Money flows to me in avalanches of abundance

– I am free to create whatever I want with money

– I am grateful that I am an honest and generous rich person

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Part 2/7: The Financial Success Triangle Introduction

The Freedom Triangle

This site has been put together to guide you through the process he and many others have used to take monumental leaps in income. We’ve included many of the steps, resources, hints and tips that were discovered along the way.

The key foundation on which this entire program relies on is known as the MEP success triangle. In fact, mastering all the areas of the triangle is essential if you desire true success in any area of your life.

There are 3 sides to the success triangle.

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How to Identify and Remove Financial Blocks Introduction Part 1/7

Have you ever heard a ‘qualified’ financial planner tell you “keep working and putting away money, so when you retire (at around 65) you will have a sizeable ‘nest egg’ of money which you can then retire with and live the life of your dreams?”

This usually means a house by the beach, lots of free time walking on that beach with the partner of your dreams, lots of travel and a luxury boat and car as well.

The harsh reality is….. over 95% will NOT have enough money saved to even fund a retirement that maintains their current standard of living.

Hundreds of thousands of hard-working citizens will not be able to fund a retirement plan that’s barely even more than welfare. What makes this utterly ludicrous is that the planners, financial institutions and governments know it.

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[Interview] Brian Sher: Small Business Reality Check – Paradigms, Habits, Metrics and Lessons Every Small Business Owner Must Know For Maximum Growth in Minimum Time

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Author 4 Bestselling Books, Founder Vision Publishing, Mentor To Business Owners, Board of Directors 8 Companies

As you listen to this you’ll immediately feel Brian’s business acumen has come from an extensive background of experience. Sharing his insights on how to evaluate, structure and grow a business he also reveals some of the deepest traps he sees entrepreneurs make, and how to avoid them. His books are revered as business classics, and I even get time to soak up the essence of his best-selling philosophies.

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6 Lessons From a Mentor Who Made $1 Million in a Month Part 2

This is the second part in a 2 part series. Read the first article here.

Distinction #4 – Activity always expands to fit the time

This concept I’ve found to be so true in all areas of my life. When there is no urgent deadline, things just ‘cruise’ at an easy pace, and fill up the time. But put a time frame and make yourself accountable, and things start to REALLY happen.

This is true both on a long term (months/years) and short term (hours/days) scale. I’ll give you a quick example. In my time as a personal trainer, I myself used to hire a trainer to train me because I realise how important it is to keep myself accountable to someone else even though ‘in theory’ I know what I should be doing. As part of my sessions, I used to book 2 hour sessions with trainers, and by the end as you’d expect I was pretty stuffed. Then I started shortening the sessions to 1 hour, and I found I was lifting just as much and feeling just as fatigued as the 2 hour sessions.

Deciding my workout could be even more efficient, I decided to cut down my sessions to 30 minutes! Now I know when I go the gym, I have 30 minutes with which to be as intense as possible, stay super focused and then get out of the gym so I can do other stuff. My mindset was completely different, and in 30 minutes I was finding I could still get the maximum benefits in such little time. But I had to schedule that time, and I had to make sure that someone was there to keep watch and ensure I was on track.

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Little Known Secret Strategies To Get The Most Out Of vWorker [Training Video]

Welcome to part 3 in the series!

If you haven’t seen part 1 or part 2, you can proceed to watch them first.

In this video, I’m going to share some of my closely guarded secrets I use to get reliable, loyal, highly skilled virtual workers who don’t break the bank!

I hope you enjoyed the series, would love to hear any feedback!

Full Transcript

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Business Outsourcing: How To Post Your First Job at Vworker: Tips, Strategies

In this video, I show you exactly how to post a bid request at vWorker’s new interface.

In the final video of the series, I teach you how to get the most out of vWorker with several little known secret strategies I’ve been using for years to get the best staff at the best value.

Click here to see Part 3.

Full Transcript

[spoiler]Hi and welcome to how to post a bid request a vworker tutorial. My name is West, let’s get straight into it.

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Help Enough Others To Get What They Want and You’ll Get What You Want

All successful people know one important fact and live by it:

You earn money only through satisfying the needs and wants of others.

Think carefully about that last sentence before you shake your head. Nothing is bought, sold or traded that does not satisfy some need or fulfill someone’s desire. Make the welfare of others a chief priority in your life and you hold an important key to lasting success. Find ways to better serve your customers, business partners, colleagues, friends, family and others to the best of your ability. This must be foremost in your mind and reflected in your daily decisions and actions.

It is only by helping others to their success that you guarantee your own.

Trouble only arises when you change your focus from cooperation with others to focusing strictly on yourself; when your thoughts turn towards problems or your own profit then trouble begins.
Just learning to dedicate yourself to the person you are talking to or dealing with, will increase your success in business immediately and substantially!

If you enjoy doing this, you will be not only successful, but happy as well. This is the only way to true happiness: find a need (that unfulfilled, bothers many people) and enjoy filling it. If people do not want or need what you offer (we are not talking only about products and services, but your ideas as well!), you can waste much energy without any (or very little) success.
This idea is easy to understand. When you act in the best interest of others, people recognize and appreciate your commitment to them and reward that commitment by giving you their energy (business, time, attention, loyalty, money) back. Its as easy as that.

Always remember: Your problems are of no interest to the vast majority of people, however, you can solve the vast majority of your own problems by simply helping others solve theirs.

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Understand your shortcomings and you will understand failure

The super successful also have a different take on failure.

Failure is what happens when you do something. The greatest successes in the world also experienced the greatest failures. The all-time strikeout record in major league baseball is held by … Babe Ruth. But we don’t remember him for his strikeouts. We remember him for setting a home run record that stood for decades. No one cares about his strikeouts. The point is he kept swinging the damn bat! Most of us never get out of the dugout—let alone up to the plate. Those people not only wonder why they never hit a home run—and even begrudge the determined hitters who do!

The key to success is understanding your shortcomings

Donald Trump has lost billions in his financial deals. But who cares. He has made billions more with his successful ventures, and he just keeps swinging the bat. After stumbling into the New World, Christopher Columbus failed in his subsequent
explorations and died a poor and disappointed man. But on Columbus Day do we celebrate his dying destitute? Of course not. We celebrate his success.

This reminds me of a story about Tom Watson, Sr., founder of IBM, being asked by a young management trainee, “Sir, how do I get to the top of the management ladder here?” Watson replied immediately, “Double your failure rate, son. Double your failure rate.” His point was, of course, that more failures could only result from more tries, more initiative, more risk taking … all the actions required for growth. Most of Thomas Edison’s experiments failed miserably— thousands of them. He thought direct electrical current was the answer to lighting the world, and that alternating current was
a passing fad. He was wrong. And nobody cares. Instead, we’re indebted to Edison’s genius and his determination whenever we turn on a light bulb or hear recorded music, watch a film. For the super successful, failure is a valuable lesson. It’s a road not to take again, or at least under the same conditions. And then they move on. Failure is nothing more than testing. As Edison said, “Success is 99% perspiration and 1% inspiration.”

To the high performance person, “Fear” is “False Expectations Appearing Real.”

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