iTunes App Tour: Navigating and Finding Great Free Podcasts and Videos for iPhone & iPad

Get a Personal Tour of iTunes and it’s Features. Great for the newbie!

iTunes App

What You Will Learn in This Video:

– Lateral ways to use iTunes to find podcasts videos and awesome free content

– Tips on how to supercharge the use of the app to increase productivity and gain more time

– How to quickly and easily navigate through the app and its features

– Considerations you need to be careful of when using app



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iTunes App Store Tour

And welcome to another iPhone app review. This is West and I hope you’re enjoying the series.

Now I’m going to be talking about iTunes today. And the reason I decided to do a review or a tour of iTunes is I’ve had my iPhone now for about two years. And I’ve never actually really taken a really good look inside of iTunes. It just kind of sat there and I’ve had a few other apps that I’ve been using and I never really went into details. So I guess this video is more for people who are really unsure of what iTunes has to offer or how to actually navigate and use the iTunes app within your mobile application. I’ve been spending a bit of time on it more and more lately and I am absolutely astounded at what is actually available from iTunes. So I thought I’d definitely shoot this to get the word out there and hopefully it helps you to improve your usage of the iPhone.

Obviously, we’re going to work through the tabs down here.

And under VIDEOS, when you open up the app—by the way, this is all customizable; this is just the way that I’ve customized it and I’m going to show you how to do that in a second—but under the VIDEO icon here, it allows you to navigate different movies, TV shows and music videos that are available. So this is kind of like a catalogue. And obviously, the ratings are here, how many people have seen it and rated the movie and you can go in and read those in detail if you wish. What you can do is scroll and just check out any movie that might interest you. Now obviously, this is a store so Apple is trying to obviously get you to purchase a movie onto your iPhone so you can watch it from your iPhone. So if you want to head into a movie, for example, it allows you to a few cool things. And one of them is to actually see a preview of the movie. And obviously that’s free. So if you tap on PREVIEW, it’ll actually load up a preview of the movie and you can watch. We won’t watch the whole preview but you get the idea. But in essence—and I’m going to go ahead and tap down here—it’s actually a fantastic way to learn more about more movies and find out about movies that you haven’t seen before but you may want to see. So if you want to see what people are saying about the movie, you can tap on REVIEWS and you can just scroll through what people have thought about the movie. And if you want to read in detail what it’s about and all the details, you can scroll down there as well. So that’s pretty cool if you’re a movie buff. The iPhone’s a great way to learn about movies. I actually personally think they’re very expensive. But you know, if you want to see something enough, then obviously, you can do that and have the convenience.

Now same with TV shows. All you need to do is tap on the icon, the TV SHOWS, and it comes up with episodes and also seasons, if you want to purchase seasons. You can do that. I just tap on there and the South Park 1, you can go in there and what it actually does is it allows you to preview the episode as well. I think there’s a 30‑second spiel on the actual episode, cut out of the episode. If you want to purchase it, you just tap on this button hereand it charges directly to your iTunes account.

So it’s really quick, easy buying. If you’re desperate to see an episode and you want it on the run, once you purchase it, there’s a little sort of thing that pops down here and goes into Downloads and starts downloading the item. And the same goes with music videos.

Now PODCAST is something that I’ve recently just been addicted to. It’s insane what’s available here. Now to my knowledge, all these podcasts are free. You don’t have to pay anything or them. And they’re just basically audio recordings on different topics that many professional and high caliber people release editions and episodes on their area or specialty. So here you can see different categories that are available on the PODCASTS. You can also tap on TOP TEN hereand it’ll actually give you some of the ranking in terms of popularity podcasts that are available. So let’s say, for example, if we go to Technology down here—one of my favorite podcast is the TED one, which we might not see here—but yeah, it’s just got great podcasts on the iPad and different technology things, Photoshop, just stuff that people show you how to do, really great content, no advertising. These are video podcasts, if you actually see a mini TV sign here . Something like thiswill be just an audio podcast. And if you go and tap on the podcast, it’ll tell you more about it. So for example, it’s got the name of the show, the album and the reviews of what other people have though of it. And you can also then just see what the name of the episodes are and obviously, they’re all free. You just tap on those and it just starts downloading and then you can access it from your iPod anytime you want to and listen to it. It’s pretty awesome stuff.

So let me just navigate back and then when we want to check out what the latest, hottest podcasts are and most popular, we can then come to the WHAT’S HOT tab. And again, I mean this is a fantastic podcast. I’ve listened to many of these now. And they’re just great ideas and stuff that people pay a lot of money for but they’re all available for free. If you scroll down, you can just go ahead and choose anything that interests you. But as I said, these are all very highly professional and great content. And if it appeals to you—the actual market appeals to you—it usually is filled with really good stuff. I’ve been surprised that some of the people—famous people—that actually give a lot of their content for free away on these podcasts. And there isn’t a lot of advertising and spam and junk here. So it’s just a great resource for you to get information on whatever you want to and listen to it when you’re on the go, listen to it whenever you like to listen to some quality listening instead of radio or the junk that’s on some stations out there.

Now, ITUNES UNIVERSITY, if we come down here,iTunes University is kind of like a repository of amazing educational‑type podcasts. And all the major top universities in America and all over the world, in fact, are allowed to publish podcasts on the iTunes University. And there are some really highly respectable and very highly revered universities, educations and institutions and individuals that all have made their materials available here in different areas. So if we, for example, tap on BUSINESS, here are some podcasts, “What Great Bosses Know.” Oxford, Wall Street, Yale, Stanford, MIT—these are all institutions that people pay truckloads of money to go to and they’re sharing a lot of their education and a lot of their information and courses here for free on iTunes and you can just download them whenever you want to and listen to them and in your own time. So again, an amazing, incredible resource.

Now, I’m going to now move on to the…well, the DOWNLOADS tab basically just shows you if you’ve got any downloads pending and how much they’ve downloaded. And if you’ve got any vouchers, you can redeem them there.

Under MORE, this allows you to access a few more options.

Under MUSIC, we’re going to look at all the top albums and the singles. They’re available in different genres. And again, New Releases, Top 10 and different Genres. So you can browse depending on which category you want. And again, just going through, you can purchase songs, you can purchase albums, you can see what the popularity is, you can see what the ratings are. Obviously, you’re going to have to purchase these. I don’t believe many are free in the actual music category. But have a look around. There’s something for everyone really interesting and cool stuff there.

If we head back, under SEARCH, obviously you can search iTunes for anything you want and it’ll show you results in each of the categories.

GENIUS, what Genius is, is it enables the app to actually give you smart recommendations based on the choices you’ve made, some of the purchases you’ve made and some of the browsing that you’ve done in the iTunes store. So it’ll make smart recommendations based on that. So it’ll save you from trawling through everything. If you want to take a real quick shortcut, you can just go to genius and it’ll show you.

RINGTONES, again, allows you to purchase ringtones and scroll through those.

And AUDIOBOOKS, if I go ahead and tap on Audiobooks, it’s similar to the other categories. It allows you to see the Top Ten, the Featured, and scrolls through each of the different genres of audiobooks. And again, these are mostly paid for. There are audiobooks on all different types of topics and subjects—Fiction, Non-Fiction—anything that tickles your fancy is probably going to be here. So have a look around and yeah, there’s just so many cool things here. I do believe, as I said before, that they’re all actually paid for. I could be wrong. Maybe there’s a few that are free. But yeah, have a look around and see what tickles your fancy. You can preview the audiobooks by tapping on PREVIEW or you can purchase the audiobook and it’ll get downloaded directly into iTunes.

So I guess this is pretty much the iTunes app in a nutshell. I really have nothing else to say except it’s an undiscovered secret goldmine that I missed out on for the first two years of owning an iPhone simply because I just didn’t really take the time to look into it and have a play with it. And now that I have, I’m actually on here quite a lot looking at the latest podcast in my respective industry, looking for better ways to do things that I enjoy doing. For example, using an iPad or an iPhone, there are fantastic podcasts on that. There are some great podcasts on business and finance and any other areas that could tickle your interest. It would definitely be there.

So I hope you enjoyed this review. I hope we’ve opened up a goldmine for you and enjoy using iTunes. Cheers!

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