Google Translate iPhone App Review: Remove All Language Barriers in Business and Negotiations

Translate words and phrases between more than 50 languages using Google Translate for iOS. For most languages, you can speak your phrases and hear the corresponding translations.

Google Translate Iphone App

What You Will Learn in This Video:

– Lateral ways to use Google Translate when travelling, networking and eating locally in foreign places

– Tips on how to supercharge the use of the app to increase productivity and gain more time

– How to quickly and easily navigate through the app and its features

– Considerations you need to be careful of when using app



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Google Translate App Review


And welcome to the Google Translate iPhone app review. This is West and thank you for joining me.

Google Translate allows you to translate words and text into over 50 languages. It’s an absolutely free of charge app and it is truly amazing—the technology that this thing uses. Again, all credit to Google for providing an amazing service absolutely free.

Now I’m going to show you how to use this app. It’s pretty simple to use. I just want to show you some of the finer features and really give it a bit of a test run live and see how it performs. And if you speak any other languages, you can evaluate it. But I’m also going to share with you how I think you can possibly leverage this tool to use for your business and for your life, as I always do in these iPhone app reviews.

So let’s have a really quick tour. This is the page that it comes up with when you first log in to the app. Now I’ve actually had a bit of a play around with this before I shot this review so I’m going to show you a few things that I’ve done. But the first thing it asks you to do is choose a starting language and choose a language that you’d like to translate to.

So if I tap on ENGLISH here, it’ll ask me to choose a language. Now there are a lot of languages here. And you’ll notice the little microphone icon just to the side of these languages. Now if it is lit up, it means that the app can actually speak the language for you once it’s translated, which is just crazy. I haven’t seen any other software—free or paid—do that. And Google is bringing it to you in this awesome iPhone app. So I’m going to go with English for now just so I can show you an example. And I’m going to also show you—once I tap on FRENCH here—it has the same languages pretty much but this is the language that you want to translate into, the second one. So I’m going to stick with French for now. And I’ve already actually prepared something down here. So I’ve typed that in and what it’s done is it translated it for me into French. Now I’m not a fluent French speaker so I don’t know how one hundred percent accurate this is but if you do speak French, comment and let me know. So what it does is once it’s translated, it then gives you a series of options. Now the first one is to star it so you can easily access it later on. Come down to hereand it’ll actually go to the starred phrases so they’re all in one place.

This icon here turns it into full‑screen. So obviously, if you want to show somebody what you want to say, then you can just basically show them your iPhone or iPad—or whatever it is you’ve got at the moment—that you want translated. So that’s pretty cool.

This icon then gets the app to actually speak the phrase and I’m going to go ahead and tap it and let you have a listen to what the app has to say and how good it is.

((Recording in foreign language is played)) So it sounds pretty awesome and I’m sure any French speakers listening would say that that is very, very comprehensible.

So let’s check out my starred phrases. I’ll just start a few phrases here that I felt might be useful on trips or if I’m in and around business people. And the button here is just settings telling you about the app and a bit of a manual on how to use it.

So let’s just go back to this one and I want to do a bit of a sample on how this app actually picks up my voice. So I’m going to try on one of the ones I’ve already done. If I say that phrase, or see how it picks it up live—actually, I’ll go ahead and say something else: “I like to read books because they make me smarter and richer.” Okay, so you can see it’s picked up most of it. It’s added a word here. But ninety percent success rate. So it’s pretty much done that instantaneously and I’m going to go ahead and let you hear the Google French voice speak it. ((French translation is played)) So if you’re French speaking, you’ll have to rate that. But I think, you know, that’s definitely comprehensible and definitely understandable if you were a French speaker and you didn’t know any English.


So let me talk you through now some of the things, some ideas that I had that you could use this app for in optimizing it. Obviously, if you’re traveling overseas to a foreign country for business purposes, it’s going to be good to have an app like this, a tool like this in your arsenal. Anywhere in your travel, you know, on the planes, in the airport, on public transport, in shops, in stores, you’re able to take this app. If you are unable to type something, you can just type it straight in here and it’ll translate it for you.

The other suggestion that I had that I thought would be really, really valuable is to prepare a list of phrases that you know you’re going to use on a regular basis. And as I was saying before, if you go ahead and tap on ‘Starred’, there’s a list of phrases that I just put in a few here, but if you’re going overseas, you probably might want to ask someone in a certain language. So in the top one here, “Where can I find the nearest public toilet?” in English. It has been translated into French and it sounds like this.

((French translation is played)) So that could be really, really useful in a business situation where there are language barriers but obviously where you are wanting to do business with somebody.

The really cool thing about this app is that it has Chinese as well. And if I just check here, it’s got Chinese traditional and Chinese simplified. So for people wanting to do business in China, it’s just crazy—I mean, I’m Asian but I don’t speak Chinese and I’m definitely going to be using an app like this if I ever go there to source products. They’ve got Japanese and just a whole heap of very, very useful languages.

So once you save the phrases, learn the ones that you’ve saved and just be able to be ready to fire them whenever you need them.

And use them in local restaurants to order great foods, ask for recommendations. Don’t just limit it to business. I mean, when you’re overseas you want to get the best experience possible. So it will enable you to eat out at the local hangouts that aren’t too communized by tourists. And that’s one of the beauties of traveling and really going and experiencing the place at its core and not eating Western foods, staying at Western places if you’re an English speaker.

Same in negotiations and just phrases for negotiations that you feel would be valuable. Really, really important to get your preparation down pat and so you’re ready to really pull the trigger when you need to.

Rooms for improvement

So that’s pretty much it. One little suggestion or recommendation I have for Google app developers, just definitely learn from the Dragon Dictation app. I found the recognition isn’t as good as the Dragon Dictation. But it’s still a great app and obviously, it’s absolutely free so I’m definitely not complaining; just making a suggestion for ways that I saw that it could be improved.

It tends to also recognize your sentence before you finish actually saying a sentence. It’ll kind of just stop and you’ll have to add it in by typing or say another phrase.

But other than that, it’s an absolutely fantastic app and it’s free. Get it from the app store. It’s an essential app that you definitely need to have.

I’m going to rate this a 93%. Double thumbs up to Google. And if you’re traveling overseas or have any sort of foreign interactions in your business, you need this app.

This is West signing off and we’ll see you in the next video.

Key Features of Google Translate:

* Translate text between 57 languages
* Translate by speaking the text instead of typing it (15 languages)
* Listen to your translations spoken aloud (23 languages)
* Display translations in full screen mode to make it easier for others nearby to read
* Star your favorite translations for quick access even when you’re offline
* Access your translation history even when you’re offline
* Spell out the translation of non-Latin script languages (e.g. Chinese, Japanese, etc..) in Latin characters to read it phonetically (e.g. Pinyin, Romaji)
* View additional dictionary results for single words or short phrases

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