CalenGoo App Review: Easy Google Calendar Navigation and Access

CalenGoo gives you a fast and easy way to access and modify your Google Calendar with your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. It can also be used when you have no internet connection, using the cached data. Changes are saved and uploaded the next time you are connected.

Calen Goo App

What You Will Learn in This Video:

– Lateral ways to use CalenGoo for braindumps, tasks and to-do’s

– Tips on how to supercharge the use of the app to increase productivity and gain more time

– How to quickly and easily navigate through the app and its features

– Considerations you need to be careful of when using app



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Calengoo App Review


Well, hello everybody and welcome to another iPhone app review. Today, I’m going to be looking at Calengoo, which is my app of choice for accessing and modifying my Google Calendar. All my events and all my tasks in the calendar that I use with Google, I can use on this app. I’m really excited to tell you about this app and I’m going to give you a quick tour and show you of the ways that I like to use it when I’m on the run and on the go.

So this is the screen that it comes up with when you first log in, depending on how you set it and I’ll show you how to do that later on. You can see it’s pretty simple.

This little SYNC icon herebasically just lets you know when Calengoo is syncing with your Google Calendar. I have mine set to auto‑sync as soon as I open the app so I get the most up‑to‑date calendar. You can have it sync at whatever option that you want under setting, which I’ll show you in a second.

Up here we have our ALL DAY Items.So items that you have put down as all day, you can basically see them at a glance.

And obviously, we have our CALENDAR hereand I can just basically access it by scrolling my finger down the screen like so. Pretty simple. As the date goes, you have a little red bar that continues to rise and move and to let you know where about in the day that you are.

Now, I’ll just quickly start down the bottom here and I’m going to work my way through these little options here and just tell you really quick how it all works and how to use it.
So by tapping on TODAY, it basically just takes you to Today. Pretty easy, pretty simple. But if sometimes when you’re trying to put in different events and you’re all over the place, it’s a really quick way to get to where you want to go.

This icon with the double arrow [insert image/screencap], allows you to find a date. And obviously, you can just scroll your finger up like so and it’ll move like that. And you can basically find everything that you want to do.

If you wish to type in the date, you just type on KEYS, and it’ll let you type in the date. But I’m going to go ahead and go back to my Calendar, type in ‘Today’ and it shall take you back to today.

Down here, we have the Weekly View.So if I tap on that, that’s a weekly view.

The next one is the Monthly View.

And here we have the All Day items. These are the items that I’ve put down as all day items and there are the items that I have times allocated to. So it’s pretty quick and easy to—at a glance—navigate through all your Google Calendar tasks and appointments.

Now the final tab down here with a T is for Tasks. Now I don’t know whether you use the Task or not but I do and it’s quite useful. Basically, it allows you to access all your different task items and list and all the items that are available. And you basically can just scroll through and tick them off.

And down the bottom, there’s also an archive of all the ones you’ve already ticked off. So that’s pretty cool. Obviously, you can edit and add tasks as you wish as well.

So I’m going to go ahead and head back to the Calendar. Now really quickly, if you want to add an event, you just tap the ‘+’ button in the top right‑hand cornerand it allows you to add an event. So I might just type in ‘shoot video’ for example. And go back to the event details. Now you can see here that it allows me all the options that it would if I was using Google Calendar, but obviously in an optimized mobile format. So I can change the duration, how long the event’s going to be. I can make it an all day event. I can turn it off and set the time. Now in Google at this point, in the Google mobile app under Calendar, to my knowledge you are unable to actually create an all day event or it’s difficult to. And I’ve kind of tested that and researched online. I haven’t been able to do it. So that is one reason why I use Calengoo over the Google Calendar on mobile app.

As I scroll down, it gives me all the other options of Google calendar: any reminders, recurring events, adding attendees.

So I’m going to cancel that and get back. So that’s pretty much the app in a nutshell. A few things I really like about this app, which I’ll tell you real quick:
Firstly, you’d have offline access. So what this app does is it saves all the information that the latest sync yields. And it allows you to access it offline. So if I had zero internet, I’ll still be able to access it and still be able to add events. And the beautiful thing about Calengoo is it actually then resyncs next time I’m online, which is awesome. And a lot of the other apps are challenged in doing that but it’s quite seamless and quite easy on Calengoo and I’ve been a big fan of it since I’ve started using it.

This is actually not the default view.I’ve customized this view. There are a ton of options that you can do under SETTINGS. I might just show you real quick. If you tap on SETTINGS, it just allows you to edit almost everything—the visibility, the colors, badges, when it syncs—all these different options. It’s got so many of it. It actually took me probably about thirty to forty minutes just messing around with the options to find the layout that I actually like and use. So previously, you can just have it so it wasn’t locked. And you can choose different fonts up here. You can choose different sizes up here. You can really customize it quite a bit, which I was impressed with.

The other beautiful thing about this app is it’s just really easy to look at and really easy to view. And it’s just a kind of no‑fuss. You know exactly where you want to go. Every single icon here has a distinct purpose. And you just log on, type in what you want to do and you can log off and it’ll sync it the next time you log on.

One of the other ways that I like to use it is doing brain dumps at the start of the day of all the things that I want to do. And I’ll tap on the ALL DAY icon if I know that there’s not a certain time. And I’ll just continue to add items. Even if I don’t have internet, I’ll just dump out all the items and I can go through the day and sort them out as I need to. Some days, you just have things on your mind or some nights you have things on your mind that you’ve got to write down. One of the great things about the app is I can just dump it all in this one place and not worry about being connected to the internet or not and it’ll just sync it for me. I can also do the same with my tasks. If I have certain tasks on a certain list that I want to do not related to the day, I can just do a brain dump and it just automatically syncs that with the Google Tasks the next time you log on. So double thumbs up for those options and features.

So that’s pretty much it. The only downside, as I was saying before, is I think there are too many settings. There are too many options. There’s an advanced option to actually supercharge what you can change. I mean it’s very good to have options and choice, but for new people who are just going to come in and use the default view, it may not be as good as what they could potentially do but there’s a lot of messing around to get to that.

But that’s probably the only downside. It’s updated regularly. So it’s always going to keep in sync with what Google’s doing and the changes they’re making with the Google Calendar.

And overall, I’m a big fan of this app. I’m going to give it a 94%. It’s money well‑spent. I never have to worry about slow loading times if I’m on the internet, trying to access Google Calendar. This is superbly optimized to utilize and access that. I haven’t had any problems with it. And yup, I think it’s definitely one of the top calendar apps.

Thanks for listening and I’ll see you in the next app review.

Key Features of CalenGoo:

– The calendar view is similar to the web view of Google Calendar. Events are displayed in the same colors that you use in your Google Calendar. It also recognizes which calendars are visible and which are hidden. So the view should match the view of your Google Calendar as much as possible.

-CalenGoo also has a month view similar to that of Google Calendar. It can be zoomed and panned to quickly get an overview over the events of a month. Zooming the month is done by using the two-finger-zoom gesture that you know from Safari and the photo application. A double tap opens the tapped day.

-It also works with your recurring events and even when you are offline or scroll far into the future, they are correctly displayed.

-You can also use Google Calendar’s feature to invite people to events and see their status (accepted, declined, maybe, no answer). They will get an invitation email with links to e.g. accept or decline the invitation.

-Google Calendar has an integrated task list, called Google Tasks. Tasks with a due date are displayed on the corresponding days of the calendar. CalenGoo can do the same, it can sync this list, display your tasks in the calendar views and in a list view and it even makes your tasks available offline. You can edit and add tasks and the changes will be synced with Google Tasks.

-You need a (free) Google Calendar account to use this program! If you have problems to log in with CalenGoo, please make sure that at least one event is in your calendar.

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