App Store Tour: Navigating & Finding Cool Apps For Your Mobile Device and Tablet

Easily Find and Access All Your Favourite and Latest Apps From The App Store in this Guided Personal Video Tour!

App Store Tour App

What You Will Learn in This Video:

– Lateral ways to use The App Store to Find Cool and Useful Apps!

– Tips on how to supercharge the use of the app to increase productivity and gain more time

– How to quickly and easily navigate through the app and its features

– Considerations you need to be careful of when using app



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App Store iPhone App Review

Well, hello everybody and welcome to another iPhone app review. And today, I’m going to be looking at the App Store app on the iPhone. Now, I actually had my iPhone for about six months before I realized what the App Store app actually did. And once I started playing with it, I realized it was just a gateway to amazing apps on your iPhone. So obviously, when you first buy an iPhone, it comes with the native apps but the App Store is a fantastic way to keep your eyes and ears on the latest trends, on things people are buying and on things that are selling.

There are a few ways you can use this. Obviously, if you’re looking for a certain function or feature from an app, this is a great way to be able to find it. But obviously, if you’re an entrepreneur or online marketer or any sort of business in any industry, it’s also a great way to keep an eye on what’s selling and what’s hot in your arena.

So I’m just going to give you a little tour today of some of the features of the App Store app and I’ll talk you through how to actually navigate this app. It’s pretty simple. Apple has organized it in a really logical and simple way.

Now this is the screen that comes up with when you open the app. If you can see here, down the bottom left, it’s got ‘Featured categories,’ ‘Top 25 Search and Updates.’ I’m going to talk you through those really quick.

If we start through FEATURES here down the bottom left, you can see up the top it’s got ‘New,’ ‘What’s Hot,’ and ‘Genius.’
Now, NEW apps are obviously new featured apps that basically have been recently released on the app store. And if you just scroll up, it’s in a variety of different categories. So feel free to have a look around. And obviously, if something tweaks your interest and you want to see more, you just tap on the actual app and the App Store will tell you what’s going on with the ratings and it will also show you the information on the actual app itself so you can read what is new to this particular version.

Over here, let us note that Homer Simpson can be your co‑pilot and you can just keep scrolling down. And if you like the app, obviously, you then just tap on the PURCHASE button. I actually already have this particular app on my iPhone and it’s really good and you can install it directly from the App Store. Obviously, some other choices and some other tabs here for you to click through one and navigate those as you see fit.

Under WHAT’S HOT, this is a measure of a lot of the more recent and more popular apps. A lot of them are ‘Free,’ as you can see here. And some of them are ‘Paid.’ I really actually like browsing through some of the ‘Hall of Fame’ apps. Obviously, if you’ve got a new iPhone as well, it’s pretty essential. The app store is essential to install a lot of the apps here on the Hall of Fame. I’m just going to click through. And I’ve actually reviewed a lot of these apps. But once you go through to the Hall of Fame and you can scroll through and see what have been really, really popular since the beginning. You can also sort by Popularity and you can also sort by Release Date. So there’s a lot of different ways to find cool apps and get them onto your iPhone.

If it says Free, you can just go through to the app, tap on FREE, tap on INSTALL, type in your iTunes password and it’ll automatically get installed onto your iPhone and you can just start using it immediately.

Now the GENIUS tab in the top right here is a function that allows the app to give you recommendations based on the purchases and on some of the apps you already have on your iPhone and some of your browsing behavior. So it’s pretty cool for, you know, if you’re just looking for recommendation or you’re looking for a quick suggestion. Tap on the GENIUS. But you’ve got to have it switched on, so make sure it’s switched on.

Moving down here under the CATEGORIES tab , here are the main categories that developers release their apps under. And it’s just great to scroll through and visit your favorite categories and see what’s going on what are the top apps happening in that category.

So I like Productivity. As you well know—if you’ve listened to my app reviews—I always talk about how it can make your life more productive. Once you go into a Productivity category, you again get these options up here: the Top Paid ones, the Top Free ones, and the Release Date. And again, you can just basically scroll through. If you see something you really like or could use, you tap on the actual app and it gives you more information, option to buy, the ratings and you can just scroll through. And it also gives you screenshots as well if you get down at the bottom here. And then you can just scroll through and see what it kind of looks like on your iPhone, through the screenshots.

So it’s very cool. It’s very simple to use. And if you’ve just got ten spare minutes and you’re looking for an app to do a certain task or a certain thing that you’ve been wanting to use your iPhone for but haven’t been able to do it, then using the app store is just a great way to do that.

Now if we move to TOP 25, here we get just a blanket listing across all categories of the Top Paid apps, Top Free apps and Top Grossing apps. So it’s always interesting to just come back and have a look and see how the rankings change and what are the top apps for the moment. And for the moment, we can see that they’re mostly games. So people love gaming on their mobile devices and there are some really cool games up here.

The TOP FREE one is also very popular simply because you can just download them immediately and start playing. And you don’t have to pay anything. And as I’ve explained with all the other categories, just have a look around, see what you like and ask your friends what they’re playing. And a lot of these are staring to have multi‑player game play and hooking up through multi‑playing networks. So it’s pretty fun and interesting.

Under the SEARCH icon, any keywords that you’ve been looking for, like for example, I love playing golf and I’ve just been looking at different golfing apps to help me with my golf swing, different tips. Also, different apps to give me rules when I’m out in the golf course. There are some great golf GPS trackers. And all I need to do is type in the keyword and I can scroll down and it just comes up with all the apps that have matching keywords in it and I can just choose. So I found some great apps by the Search option that don’t necessarily come up on all the other options here. So yeah, it’s a great feature as well.

And finally, down the bottom right, the UPDATE icon. Just basically, every couple of weeks or months, depending on the popularity of the app and how things change in the apps environment. For example, we know that Google changes its features on Google Calendar quite regularly. So for a Google calendar app, in order to stay on top of things, they’re going to need to adapt and change and make tweaks to their app. Or a developer might find that their app is crashing on certain systems—etcetera, etcetera—and they might want to upgrade the app to make sure that it continues to evolve and grow. So this function just gives you a one‑shot snapshot of all the apps that you have that you should upgrade. And sometimes you have to pay for an upgrade and sometimes it’s free. You just need to go in and find out what you need to do. And it’s always obviously good to have the latest updates on all your apps. But on the downside, it does change quite regularly. Especially if you’ve got over twenty to thirty apps, there’s always going to be apps needing your attention. So you might want to do it once a month or once a quarter.

So that’s pretty much the App Store in a nutshell. In summary, it’s an amazing tool to be able to find new ways to use your mobile device. Come in and have a look at some of the categories in your industry. See what’s going on, see what people are buying. And yeah, just have a lot of fun with it.

This is West signing off. And I’ll see you in the next video.

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