Speak it! App Review: Transform Text to Speech and Leverage Your Time!

Copy emails, documents, web pages, PDF files, and more; paste them into Speak it!, and have the text spoken back to you with the highest quality text to speech engine available anywhere. You can even create the same quality audio files of the text to speech which can then be emailed to anyone you like!

Speakit App

What You Will Learn in This Video:

– Lateral ways to use speak it to create engaging products

– Tips on how to supercharge the use of the app to increase productivity and gain more time

– How to quickly and easily navigate through the app and its features

– Considerations you need to be careful of when using app



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Speak it! App Review


Well, thank you for joining me, and welcome to the Speak It! app review. My name’s West and I’m looking forward today to taking you through an awesome app. What I love about this app is it enables me to convert text into speech. Now I’ve been using this app for awhile now and it just gets better and better.

This is the screen that comes up with when you first enter into the app.

Now I’m going to give you a really quick tour and then I’m going to show you how I use it to leverage my time, which I’m excited to tell you about.

This particular window here once I tap in it, comes up with a flashing dot. Now if you want to type in text to convert into speech, feel free to do that. I already have a body of text attached to my clipboard which I’m going to just tap and paste. So I’m just going to go ahead and paste the text here. And when I hit SPEAK IT, I want you to listen to what this app actually does:
((Recording with Female’s Voice))
“You know, the phrase property development sure can cover a lot of ground. I’m not just talking about commercial, industrial, residential, etcetera, but the little niche markets that you sometimes stumble across. Within the residential market, there are areas of specialization such as student accommodation, serviced apartments…”
So we won’t go through the rest of that. But you pretty much get what this app does. It just reads text really clearly and accurately for you.

Now just a few things before we move on to how to actually use it, you can actually choose out of four—this particular version—four different voices: American voices or British voices, male and female. I like to have the American female voice. I think it’s the best one out of the four. But you can choose depending on what you want to do.

Now the other beautiful thing about this app is when I go ahead and tap the SETTINGS button up here , it allows me to adjust a few things. The first thing is the font size. If you want to read it as you go, you can adjust the font size to higher or lower. The volume of the voice, obviously, higher or lower. You can also use your iPhone settings to adjust the volume of the voice.

But here’s the thing that I love…and that is the speed of the voice. Now I love listening to audios sped up. I can get to about two to three times at the moment and not lose too much comprehension. I love my speed listening and this is a great way and a fantastic app in order to do that. I’m really impressed by it. So by speeding this up to a higher setting, if we go and listen to this recording again, it should go a lot faster. ((Previous recording is played again at a faster speed)) So how cool is that? That’s pretty awesome.

Now when you paste the body of text in the Speak It app, it then gives you the option by tapping this arrow here to either save it in the app in order to read it to you later or create an audio file which you can email to yourself and edit it or use it however you like. So it’s a very, very improved option on the previous version. It allowed you to do it but I think you had to pay per credit. So all credits to Speak It for improving that. And I think it’s a pretty sensational feature.

So here are, for example, a few samples of texts that I’ve saved which can be read out later at any time. And if I just scroll here, here are some audio files that I’ve created and it creates it in the .aiff format, which can be played once you’ve saved it to your email. So, huge implications for leveraging information products in this app and many other ways which I’ll take you through now.


So the first thing I like to use this for is by reading my emails. When I’m on the go or I’m driving or when my body is busy but my mind is free—so when I’m cooking or when I’m doing anything that my mind is actually free to listen to stuff—I’ll go ahead and copy the latest batch of emails, paste them in and save them. And then I could just play them all while I’m doing stuff, which is awesome to have your emails read out to you.

Now another cool little tip is I actually have a little microphone that I carry around with me that I just plug into the iPhone jack and turn up the volume (because the iPhone microphone isn’t all that loud) and no matter where I am, if there are noise levels, I can still hear it pretty well. So it’s a great way to save time and it’s a great way to just power through your messages real quick.

The second way I like to use this app is by reading websites and articles, great articles that I come across when I’m surfing Safari on the iPhone. I might come across a great blog post that I read. For example, Tim Ferriss’ site has always got good stuff. I’ll just copy it and paste it in here and have that read to me while I’m doing stuff for later. So I don’t actually have to sit there and scroll through and read it at the moment.

Same with ebooks. Any PDF documents or Word documents that I’ve been sort of meaning to read, I can paste extracted chapters and have it read to me. I’m not exactly sure what’s the limit of how much text you can actually paste in here. I’ll have to test that out and leave a comment after this video. But at this point, you know, it definitely takes a good chunk of text without having too much problems.

I also like to create audio files to put on my mp3 player if it’s something important. So let’s say it’s a series of articles that I’ve been meaning to read for a long time, I’ll save as audio and then convert it and put it on to my mp3 player, which I can read later.

Another way you could use this is to convert any ebooks you might have written into an audio version. And a lot of people just don’t have the time to sit down and read or read all their text into an audio and record it professionally. Being an audio listener much preferred over reading, I’ll take a robotic‑type voice over reading it any day of the week because it means I’ll at least get it read.

Having said that, the voices here are pretty damn good. Text‑to‑speech has come a long way in the past and these voices are pretty good I have to say.

So in terms of improvements, I mean I was listening to one of the Text Aloud voices of late and that voice blew me away with how realistic and real‑life it was. So I think for future improvements, Speak It can integrate even more lifelike voices. But overall, I think this app is pretty awesome and I use it a lot. And I think it saves me a lot of time and hassle and I love the fact that it can speed up audios.

So I’m going to give this app an 87% out of 100%. It’s a must‑have app; and in my opinion, something that will definitely be able to help you leverage your time and your productivity.

So thanks for listening and we’ll see you in the next app review.

Key Features of Speak it!:
• Easy to use interface: simply enter the text you want to say, and press the “Speak it! button
• Four high quality voices are included: American Male, American Female, British Male, British Female
• NEW! Highlights words as they are spoken
• Ability to create audio files and email them
• Save as many phrases as you would like, and easily repeat them later
• Pause and resume speech playback
• Change the volume, as well as the speed of spoken text
• Change the font size of the text field
• Speak it! Store, where you can download 20 new voices
• Designed to be used while on a phone call
• Localized for French, Italian, German, and Spanish

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