Part 7/7: A Powerful Strategy for Reprogramming Your New Paradigm

Removing Blockages and Building New Programs

By now hopefully you’ve identified some of the deeper issues that may have caused your financial situation.

The good news is, IT IS NOT YOUR FAULT.

So, if you know that blocks are nothing but limiting generalizations that are holding you back, then how do you remove them? How do you collapse the blockage ‘tables’ that have formed within your subconscious mind? The answer is to remove the legs that hold the table up!

In other words, you must challenge the evidence that support the limiting belief. Once you remove the legs, the belief will collapse! So how do we go about challenging the evidences that hold your beliefs together? Much of the evidence that supports your beliefs are nothing but your own interpretations of past experiences. They could mean a million other things! Many of the supporting evidence given by the people around you may also not be credible.

Remember, you need to remove the legs that hold your belief up. You will find eventually that the evidence is nothing but generalizations and misinterpretations you have made about past experiences.

First, you must find the evidence that supports your block.

You can do so by asking the followings set of questions:

1) How did I first create this belief?

2) What makes me believe that this true?

Next, challenge the evidence by asking

1) ‘What else can this mean?’

2) ‘Is there a counter example?’

3) ‘How credible is this person giving me the belief?’

Another great way to collapse the ‘legs’ beneath your table of blockages is to replace the legs with new empowering beliefs that support a liberated future, with nothing HOLDING YOU BACK.

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