Part 4/7: The Subconscious (Emotional) Side of the Triangle


This is the area most people neglect, and we’re going to spend some SERIOUS time with you in this program to ensure you never let this side slip. The reason is… because we believe it to be EQUALLY as important for success as the other two, and most people COMPLETELY NEGLECT or are simply UNAWARE that this is missing. How do you tell if you’ve been neglecting this area of the triangle?

Simple – Lack of results. But you’re working really hard. You just don’t know why but you know something is holding you back.

You have all the ‘knowledge’, and all the ‘tools’ to get results, but years go by and your annual pay cheques year after year – for the last decade – remain within 5% of each other.

Does this sound familiar? Maybe someone you know? Maybe someone you know… intimately? Don’t worry if that’s the case, it’s not your fault.

And you are definitely in the right place!

What this area of the triangle is referring to are subconscious blockages – little emotional stumbling blocks that unknowingly hold you back. Some call it self sabotage. You may have heard of it but most of you would never have taken the time to seriously and systematically address your own personal blocks. EVERYONE has them, it’s just a matter of how strong and how many might exist.

This side will be the ultimate focus of the Money-Mind-Set.com. Of course, we’ll ensure you keep the other areas in check, but we need to get you back on a level playing field. In most cases, we’ve got years sometimes decades of accumulated blockages to address. And we’ve jam-packed the first 60 days of our program full of proven tools, strategies and methods designed to give you massive breakthroughs in this area.

Let’s dive a bit deeper into the emotional side of the triangle. The process is absolutely crucial for you to understand once you’ve decided to remove your blocks.

You’ll get some real-life case studies and strategies very soon, but please read every word we’ve included before you reach that section – it’s that important.

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