Part 3/7: The Mental and the Physical Sides of The Freedom Triangle of Success

Side 1 – MENTAL

This side of the triangle refers to all the KNOWLEDGE and learning you have immersed yourself in. Are you someone who is always reading about ‘how to’ do something? For example – how to trade shares, how to invest in property, how to create an online business, how to improve your relationships, etc etc etc? Do you or have you attended seminar upon seminar on wealth creation, finances and relationships? Are you constantly listening to audio programs and reading books on ‘how to’?

The person who focuses too much on this area becomes almost a walking encyclopedia of information. With ZERO results. The funny thing is, they keep searching for more information, immersing themselves in more and more information and creating a vicious cycle where they become more educated but financially worse off. Somehow, they manage to justify that this is ok.

The very fact you are reading this proves you already have a very strong ‘Mental’ side to your triangle. I’m not suggesting for a second that you are in the above cycle, but many of you reading this will be able to relate to it. Although we’ll be refining your mental sharpness in this program, it’s NOT going to be our focus to throw more information at you. In fact, if anything you’ll be STOPPING searching for more ‘how to’ information so that you can start EXECUTING. With the other two sides of the triangle in balance, you’ll be able to finally do so – and that’s what separates this program from all the other ‘money making’ programs on the market (they all fail to address the emotional side).


The physical side of the triangle refers to your investment – in two areas. First, the financial resources you need to invest in order to get a project up and running. If this is lacking, you’ll have to get more creative. Secondly, you’ll have to decide what level of energy and time you wish to put in to achieve the desired outcome.

With this program, we will help you shortcut through any physical barriers that are standing in your way. We’ll share with you creative ways to finance your ideas and we’ll also share with you many of the mistakes the ‘gurus’ have made… so you DON’T fall into the same traps!

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