[Interview] Nhan Nguyen: How I Started in Property and Went From 0 to Controlling Over $70 million Worth Property in less than 3 Years

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Property Investor with over 70 deals, Speaker, Found of Green Mint Property Group

We were lucky enough to get Nhan to discuss some of his projects and strategies in some detail in this interview. He also reveals some of his personal mental shifts and how he’s continually cultivated his networks and honed his craft of property investing.

In this interview you will discover:

– How Nhan started his journey in property investing with no money

– How Nhan got his first investor to put up the capital for his first property

– How to go from having not enough money to not enough deals to feed your investors

– Some of Nhans regular success routines and triggers

– The Recommended step-by-step strategy for beginning property investors, and what to avoid!


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  • Glenn:

    Heyy Nhan Nguyen
    I was just thing about that book on the Property Millionaire i got it from the shops yer its a great tool for me and thankyou so much could u help me to be a Millionaire i want to live the great livestyle and also Robert T.Kiyosaki Rich Dad Poor Dad Book is amazing i love reading it.

    I want to be retire by 35 year old and i am 22 year old now thats one of the goal that i set for me and i would love to have Millions of dollers could u help me to get there in that time frame for me

    • West Loh:

      Hi Glenn, thanks for stopping by. Keep nourishing your mind with good materials, take action on what you read and you’ll get where you want to go! See you back soon! W

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