How To Find Motivation That Juices You……..Permanently!

The motivational material out there is many and varied. You’ll find thousands of books and programs on the topics and seminar speakers everywhere talking about it.

But motivation implies that it’s a temporary emotional state. That’s why you feel energised after reading a book or attending an event, but the next day it wears off and you’re back to where you started.

Why is that?

I believe it comes to finding your deeper core motivations, ones that aren’t affected by day to day activity.

Jim Rohn once said ‘If you find the why, the how becomes easy’. And that’s exactly what I’m referring to.

In a recent interview, I was asked this very question. For me it gets back to family. I was thinking about this the other day, actually. At the time I had two very sick grandparents and in Malaysia there’s very little support from the government. In Australia, if you get sick and you don’t have a lot of money, the government can take up the slack. They won’t let you just die of disease on the street.

But in those developing countries (like Malaysia), you don’t have that government support, so you pretty much can either die of disease, starvation or any other cause and you don’t get medical help if you can’t afford it. They just leave you!

So for me, one of my motivators was to help my grandparents pay for their medical expenses and live a pleasant life in their last years here on earth. It’s a much nobler cause than me going out and buying a Ferrari or tangible products, which come and go. These people have given me all that is dear to me in the form of my parents and family, and I could never repay that.

For me that’s a real driving factor. I get up every day and I think how much they’ve given to me and my parents. For me to be able to support them is a very small gesture, but it’s a very powerful driving force for me.

You need to find your reason why.

That is core motivation.

Take a good hard look at your life. What is it that could really drive you if you tapped into it?

Do you have children that you need to provide for, put food on the table for? Often, people are driven by others more than they could ever be by themselves.

Do you want a new car?

Would you like to explore the world but you can’t afford it right now?

Do you want to develop a skill but can’t get the best teachers and coaches and feel like you’re living with untapped potential?

Remember, it all leads to an emotion that you want to feel. WHY do you want to do those things? What will it give you? An emotion – pride, achievement, love, fulfillment, the list goes on. Try to tap into those emotions when you visualise. If you’ve got enough emotional mastery, you can create those emotions almost on demand, and its a powerful tool to get you into state to perform at your best.

Whatever reason it is, find it.

Making money isn’t a reason; again, it’s what the money will give you. Go a few layers down. You’re not after a paper note with Sir Douglas Mawson on the front of it, or whoever the deceased notable is.

You don’t want that note. You want what it will give you; you want the feeling, the lifestyle, and the emotion – what it will give you. Find that root. Find that core.

Once you’ve tapped into it, you’ll find the stuff you used to waste your time on becomes completely meaningless, and everything you do seems like you’re possessed – because you are on a mission to achieve something great.

It’s a great concept that really works. So remember, don’t get motivated – find your core desires.

2 Responses to “How To Find Motivation That Juices You……..Permanently!”

  • Great point there about finding the Why.

    I’ve been a personal development junky for years now and have worked for Tony Robbins and other motivational speakers and I’ve seen so many people get the buzz, but not carry it through to action after the event.

    I heard something the other day which said that Motivation is an external state whereas Inspiration is an internal state and for me, creating the Why creates the fuel of motivation.

    I recently had a course at work using the Franklin Covey technique called 4DX which are the 4 Disciplines of Execution. You can check it out at http://www.4dx.com, but the key item I like is to ask ourselves the question ever day,

    “What are the 1-3 things I could do today to move towards (insert the thing you want to achieve).” If we have a big Why, then doing that single thing ever day, makes an incredible difference.

    Today my 1 thing for work is to send a single email which I know is important, and for my personal life, it is to do a 5 minute meditation. I can easily achieve that and I feel fulfilled that I’m moving forward.

    Thanks West.

  • Fantastic, thanks for sharing David!

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