My Top 9 I-Phone Apps That Enhance Your Business, Relationships and Life

It’s been several months now since I’ve joined the I-phone clan, and I can resoundingly say it has changed my life and business for the better, with all it’s amazing capabilities.

In this article, I’m going to share with you the Top 10 apps I’ve come across (both free and paid), that have made a significant difference for me, either in business, internet, productivity, lifestyle or relationships.

I’ve tested hundreds of the most popular and most downloaded apps from itunes, and scanned through reviews and video’s of hundreds more. You can be confident I’ve given a large majority of apps consideration when putting together this list.

1. The Google App

This App puts all your google accounts in one place: calendar, docs, talk, tasks, reader, notebook and more! Many of them have been modified to perform best on your iphone, so enjoy the simplified layouts and fast speed. It’s free and an absolutely essential addition to your iphone. The voice recognition software for google searches means you don’t have to bumble around typing stuff when you’re out and about. Just speak and google will spit back exactly what you’re after.

2. TomTom Australia (or your country)
I looked at a few different GPS systems and TomTom came up trumps. I honestly can’t tell you how much pain its saved me getting lost and how much time it’s saved me looking up street directories and even google maps before I head out somewhere. Super accurate and provides real time information to make getting where you want to go quick and hassle-free. You’ll need a windscreen mount or cigarette lighter holder for best usage. If you get a car charge kit you can keep your batteries charged as using TomTom does use up the batteries rather quickly.

3. iXpenseIt
This App has single handedly helped me gain control of my expenses again. Now I can keep track of every cent that I spend quickly and easily. Provides stats, downloadable backups, email records and also photograph all your receipts so you can eliminate the paper trail forever! If you ever need it, just email it to yourself and print it out again. Tested a few budgeting/expense apps and this one had the best features and interface.

4. LogMeIn/ Teamviewer

This app enables me to access my home computer from wherever I am on the road – in queues, on public transport, at a friends house – wherever – i get to to literally log in and control my home computer (which is always switched on). It’s quick, and useability is excellent, allowing effective mouse movement and keyboard controls.

5. Analytics Pro

Enables me to check the statistics (traffic, users and everything google analytics offers) on all my sites in one place. Easily categorised and quick and simple display makes keeping a check on the pulse of your sites a breeze. Pretty cool to be able to check these whenever and wherever you want!

6. Tweetie

I’m not a Twitter maniac but I do use it intermittently. I liked the interface of Tweetie and it was alot simpler to tweet and cull through the thousands of tweets that you don’t want. With the auto-facebook-updater app switched on, I can update my twitter and facebook status’ in seconds!

7. DocsToGo

This is a fantastic app to quickly and easily exchange documents from your iphone and your computer and vice versa. Uses WiFi so there are no cables needed at all. Fast transfer speeds make it easy to transfer then head off if you need an important document to read, share or utilise when you’re out and about.

8. Sleep Cycle

This app sat on my iphone for quite a while before I started using it and realised its potential. It basically sits by your bed on the edge and senses your movement while you sleep, keeping track of the hours you sleep and what time you spend awake, dreaming and in deep sleep. It also has a soft alarm to wake you when you are in the most effective phase in order to ensure you wake up rested and energised. There’s no hiding it if you are getting to bed super late or have adopted bad habits, which end up affecting your productivity and profit.

9. Bejeweled 2 Blitz

I’ll admit, I’m guilty of playing this game. I play only bejeweled blitz, which is one minute of furious jewel matching…. but it is super addictive and I challenge anyone to play just one game and walk away! It’s great for mini breaks between work periods, when you’re waiting for someone or something and to stimulate the brain and get the neurons firing if you find yourself slowing down, so its not all pure indulgence!

Please leave a comment sharing your favourite I-phone apps.

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