The Top 10 Tools I Couldn’t Live Without Part 2 of 2

This is Part 2 of the series. Get Part 1 here!

This software is a Godsend and has probably saved me hundreds of hours (no exaggeration!) in the past 5 years. It remembers your passwords, sites and all your details so you can fill out those peskily long forms instantly! It even submits the form for you once its filled out. Works with Internet Explorer and Firefox but to date no compatibility with Google Chrome or Opera. Security is high as you can set your master passwords to protect everything if your computer gets stolen, and its easy to backup and import/export if you ever need to change computers or reformat.

For the Mac, you can’t go past 1password which has similar functionality to Roboform!

    #4 Kitchen Timer


Bet you didn’t see this one coming! And it’s one of my secret weapons, ever since I implemented the 60-60-30 structure i learned from Eben Pagan’s Wake Up Productive Program. He says to work in blocks of time, focusing only on ONE project for that ’60’. It is quite liberating and gives your day a backbone to work from. Once that timer is running, it’s pedal to the metal until the alarm goes off, then you can relax and do what you want while you re-energise.

I also employ another kitchen timer beside my bed, to time my afternoon naps. It’s one of the pleasures of working online, but I’ve learned not to overdo it.

Incidentally, I bought all my kitchen timers from eBay for a few bucks, including postage. Quite possibly the best investments I’ve made all year!

You’re probably already using it, and it’s no surprise. FireFox web browser’s versatility is astounding. It’s fast, slick and reliable. I mainly use it to customise all my bookmarks into readily accessible icons I can get to at the click of a button. It also has a neat password remember function (if you’re not using Roboform), and tons of open source add-ons that you can get to enhance your experience. Some I’ve used include FireFTP, the amazon S3 add on (for videos), and recently there’s been some pretty cool releases on the firefox skins websites which turn your browser into an aesthetically appealing program that can change depending on your mood.

I also use greasemonkey and the website blocker script to ensure I don’t get tempted to surf online when I’m supposed to be working.

Overall, a great little tool!

    #2 Iphone

I’ve only had this puppy for a few weeks now, but it’s really made a difference. If you can hold yourself back from the thousands of games available (ok I was guilty as charged initially but back on track now!), there are so many apps that can enhance your life, your business and your relationship. And many of them are free, or very inexpensive.

I’ll make a separate post about the specific apps I use, but needless to say it’s been pretty cool to be able to access the web with amazing versatility wherever I am.

I’ll admit sometimes it’s both inappropriate and counter-intuitive (usually I get out of the house to get AWAY from my computer!), but on the whole a fabulous arrow to have in your quiver. Set some rules on its usage and stick to them!

    #1 Accountability Buddy/Mastermind Group


This is one I highly recommend getting. Declaring what you’re out to achieve and having someone or a group kick your butt (for your own good) is pretty powerful. No matter what level you’re playing at, it’s always going to take you to a higher level than if you were playing in your own.

As your results flourish, you may outgrow your mentors, your buddy or your group – and that’s totally cool. The principle shouldn’t change and you should continue to seek this performance enhancing tool.

Start by finding someone in your circle of influence. Touch base once a fortnight or even month and go through what you’ve achieved the past month and what you’d like to do next month. Then help each other by brainstorming strategies.

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  • West… mate… great post!! Thanks for taking the time to share those tips buddy. Very cool. I’m a huuuuuge fan of #4 (Kitchen timer)

    Keep em coming LOHcomotion

    • West Loh:

      you’re more than welcome my good friend. Look out for more great stuff and improved site in the weeks to come! 🙂

  • Fred:

    Instead of Roboform I use Sticky Password. It is more reliable and easy.


  • Nana:

    Cool top-list! All that you have mentioned are really useful when you do online marketing and SEO. These tools can lighten up the loads most especially the Roboform that you have mentioned. Just 1 click and all required fields are filled! Cool! My laptop and iPhone are my everyday buddies! 😉

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