A Major Lesson From My Interviews with Multi-Millionaires

Last weekend I was at a party and got round to meeting some of the esteemed guests there.

I got speaking to a store owner who owned one of Brisbane’s boutique cake shops. After pleasantries were exchanged, she asked me some of the things I did, and I ended up telling her about some of the incredible interviews with wealthy people I’ve done lately. I told her I’ve done close to 30 interviews now, from people ranging in net worth from $1 – $50 million dollars.

She was very interested and realized the scale of wisdom I’ve been privileged to encounter. What came next really got me thinking:

“West, tell me one thing that you would say is the major distinction you’ve observed that distinguishes these people from the rest.”

I thought to myself: “Great question!!”

My answer surprised even me. And although I don’t think it’s the all encompassing answer, it certainly is right up there in my reflections of the key traits.

I explained that in today’s markets, regardless of the industry, you’re going to get bombarded with information overload. Massively so. And its dead easy to get lost in it and never get started. It’s even easier to convince yourself that while you’re consuming more information, you’re doing yourself a favor.

But here’s where you’re dead wrong.

Many people I interviewed were very strategic with their learning. Why? Because most of the time, they were on the playing field, PLAYING. Their lessons came not from a book, audio or dvd seminar, but from putting their ego on the line and testing it out in a real world scenario.

They would be LASER focused on their target, and not chop and change. And for the most part, they didn’t ‘accumulate’ masses of materials.

Hearing this come from my own mouth was a bit of a kick up the ass for myself; I only have to look at my library, DVD collections and hard drives to see the reams and reams of stuff I have, that I know I’ll NEVER EVER consume, not in this or in the next 10 lifetimes.

One millionaire said he says NO to everything except ONE project for 3-6 month periods. Gets exceptional results then moves on. Another finds an expert or successful person in that field and does what they do, not READS about what they do (big distinction).

So, the next time you signup for a seminar, email list or purchase a program, have a hard think about whether it’s deadly accurately related to your journey, and if not – DITCH it. Start taking action instead of the time you’d use to ‘learn’!

I’ll be sharing more insights about my interviews so please check back regularly.

6 Responses to “A Major Lesson From My Interviews with Multi-Millionaires”

  • Judd:

    That is a great distinction West. Doing what a successful person ‘does’ rather than just reading about it makes all the difference. When I’m learning from my mentors I observe what they are telling me, AND what they are doing. Learning on 2 levels. You certainly nailed it West from all those interviews you’ve done. Looking forward to more when you reveal them mate.

  • Roger:

    Couldn’t agree more. A key distinction between the opportunist and the strategist, something that I must implement myself. Thanks for the reminder – needed it!

  • This is motivational stuff. Don’t learn about it. Just do it.

  • Steve:

    Me too! I have soooo much info that I have gathered and not even read much less acted on. Seems I stay on a quest for more, when I need to just do something with what I have.

    Thanks, great insight.

  • Hey West,
    This is spot on!
    I too am guilty of accumulating masses of materials too.

  • Zafar:

    Hi West, I can relate to everything above. I was the kind of person who had to get all the information, unfortunately as a result never made a real success of anything-never had enough information/knowledge, How ever I realized my mistake and have started to take action immediately and things are getting better.

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