Major Lessons from Tony Robbins Live UPW Seminar in Sydney

Recently, I attended Tony Robbins last ever UPW event in Sydney.

I wanted to share with you all the amazing lessons and reflections learned from the event.

Experiencing Anthony Robbins live was out of this world. Don’t get me wrong – I don’t see Tony as a ‘motivator’ – he has helped me improve all aspects of my life ever since I started to listening to him on audio a few years ago. It became a life goal of mine to go see him live, and when an opportunity came up I bit the dust and threw a few thousand $$ on the table for a front row seat.

The first day included the FIREWALK. But here’s the thing – it’s not really about the firewalk. The firewalk is irrelevant. It represents a metaphor – getting into such a peak state that any obstacle in front of you doesn’t exist. If you’ve ever played sport at a high level or done anything where you’ve been totally in the zone, this would compare to the state Tony helps put you in before the walk.

As we stormed out clapping in unison, chanting ‘YES, YES’ the whole crowd bonded and there was an atmosphere that I’ll never forget. Most of us had been totally starved for the whole day by now (Tony hadn’t given any breaks for 8 hours straight) dehydrated, emotionally smashed and beat up and many still coming to terms with potential ending up with severe burns on their feet…. but everyone was so revved up and the collective energy was a rare occurence that I might only have felt on the most memorable of New Years celebrations when the clock struck midnight.

By my calculations by nights end over 99% of the 5000 had done the walk, many 2 or 3 times. I saw elderly women aged 70+ do it and I also saw 10 and 11 year olds choose to conquer their inner demons. It was a liberating experience. Hell, after walking on fire, making a few bucks online doesn’t seem so daunting anymore.

So I just wanted to summarise the major things I got out of the workshop over the next few days. If you’ve listened to any of Tony’s programs before, the content would not be new. I had, but hearing Tony live is truly something I believe every human being who even has a moderate interest in improving themselves must experience. I believe he is one of the rare human beings who has even come close to realising his potential and fulfilled his calling here on earth.

I won’t regurgitate the content of the seminar as such – get any of Tony’s products and you can get a taste for how powerful the information is if you apply it. But I would like to comment on a few other things of note:

– I went to the seminar to create some powerful anchors and neuro associations to help me snap into a peak state when I need to. The trouble was, when I was trying to do this at home, I would always be worried about making too much noise or looking like an idiot to not only others but myself. There’s something about an immersive experience that cuts all those ties and lets you play the game full out. i create 5 POWER anchors – unique movements or gestures that i’ve linked to certain emotions.

Trying them out this week, it was quite freaky. For example when i squeeze my right hand into a fist my breathing rate increases automatically and I get a rush of adrenaline that just shoots me into state.

– I also went to gain better control of my emotions, and experience a richer interpretation of certain positive emotions. It’s quite sad that most people (including myself) go through life – supressing certain emotions or only feeling small doses of emotions. think about it – life lived to its fullest shouldn’t be toned down, should it? It didn’t disappoint. I laughed until I cried, I jumped up and down in pure joy, I cried and at one point I almost threw up I felt so sick (this was on purpose – Tony made us associate massive pain to limiting beliefs we had).

Try and imagine what 5000 people going through the same process feels like. Powerful stuff.

– Another massive aha moment was this. People work their entire lives dedicated to making money. They sacrifice family, leisure time and their health just to make money. Why do people want money? To buy things, for freedom, to give to other people. Why do people want these things? Because of the FEELING or EMOTION they’ll get after achieving it NOT FOR THE THING ITSELF. People don’t really want pieces of paper with deceased notables on it.

They want the feeling they can get by trading those pieces of paper. Now get this – those feelings you desire ALREADY EXIST inside of you. All you need to do – is transport yourself back to a time when you felt that and re-live the emotion all over again. How about going into the future and experiencing, VIVIDLY that you had already attained what you desire. Feel like you would feel, move like you’d love, breathe like you’d breath – make it vivid enough and you WILL experience the emotions….without spending another cent! How cool is that!

– Finally, on health day, Tony shed some really interesting facts which has led to some positive lifestyle changes for me. He was talking about disease, and also gaining exponentially more energy to power through your day. I had heard conflicting reports about Tony’s philosophies, but in all seriousness the proof in the pudding is Tony’s own energy levels. ANYONE who can go from 9 in the morning till 1am on stage and not lose an iota of energy has more than enough credibility – that alone made me all ears. I speak on stage myself and after about two hours I find I am emotionally and physically starting to wain.

People’s bodies and lifestyles are generally way too acidic. Acid producing foods consume us and it leads to lethargy, disease and a shortened life. What we need is to ALKALISE the body more regularly. Major acidic foods include dairy and meats. Toxins like alcohol,caffeine, sugar, drugs and smoking are obviously highly poisonous and put the body in a distressed state. Major alkalising foods include fruits and vegetables, wheat grass, lemon in water and foods that have high water content. We also need to supplement with omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids as our cell walls are made of fats and most are deficient.

Two more key things I implemented was to purchase a rebounder (mini trampoline) – and spend 5 minutes a day to stimulate the circulation of our lymphatic system which for most people is drastically understimulated, and finally retraining myself for deep, lower lung diaphragmatic breathing instead of chest and shoulder breaths like almost everybody does. The way to do this is make sure your belly really distends instead of your shoulder and chest rising. this ensures oxygen gets to your WHOLE lung and not just the top 1/3rd!!! Oxygen is THE most important requirement for your body, a few minutes without it and you’re dead. Don’t deprive yourself.

So there you have it, my major learnings and reflections.

I hope you can take away at least one learning and apply it into your life!

Cheers to your wealth and health!


Ps I’ll leave you with a video I shot of Tony getting 5000 people into a powerful, energetic state! Enjoy!

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  • Hi West,

    Great blog post about Tony Robbins Live, it is a great event that can help your life to years to come. it is a great experience!!

    Richard Marc

  • Trevor Russell:

    Hey West,
    I like your thinking, style and desire to contribute and help others. When we first met, I thought I noticed a bit of attitude but know I have read your blog I can see you have your heart in the right place.
    Hey, maybe you’re just a little shy. Which is a nice quality to have.
    Trevor Russell

  • Roger Gramere:

    Hey West,

    Really enjoying your posts. I was at that event sitting a few rows from you in the Diamond section at UPW that year. What an awesome life changing event it was. Thanks for that post as was a great reminder especially about anchoring and why people make money. So true…but isn’t it funny that the best things in life are free. ‘Make your move!’.



  • Morph Supplement:

    Hi there friend! Given that I have invested a bit of time in the past hour and a bit reading through your posts, I decided I might drop a brief comment in your blog comments in order to say hello. I’m really into just what you have made here with your blog and I hope you stick with your writing. Well that is just about everything I have to say! Many thanks again and good to ‘meet’ you 🙂

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