My Intangible Wealth Statement

My intangible wealth is so vast as to be incalculable; giving me the personal net worth of a multimillionaire, even a billionaire. Think of the wealthiest individuals on the planet — perhaps Bill Gates or Warren Buffet or The Sultan of Brunei or one of the Asian tycoons — and think of their vast financial wealth. And now that I have thought of their huge mountains of money, I shall dismiss this entirely from my mind. Here on my Intangible Wealth Statement, financial worth is of no consequence.

Instead, of most importance are my hidden assets, my everyday blessings. For example, if I am younger than Bill Gates or Warren Buffet and healthier than both of them, so what if they are worth billions of dollars? My ‘age wealth’ and my ‘health wealth’ exceed theirs. What about happiness and peace of mind? If I am happier than The Sultan of Brunei and have greater peace of mind than him, my ‘happiness wealth’ and my ‘peace of mind wealth’ both exceed his.

Now I’ll write my top five Gratitude Factors, my five most important Feel Good Factors, and my five most valuable Physical Assets. Once written, I must give each factor a dollar value — unless I believe its worth is incalculable, in which case I shall just write ‘priceless’ as in the examples on the next page. What value do I place upon being a citizen of a country that believes in free enterprise — is this worth at least one million dollars?

What is the value of having eyes that can look up and see a majestic sunset or view the full moon on a clear starlit night — if my eyesight is good, would I sell my eyes for one million dollars? It is probable that I possess an intangible wealth that can be calculated in the hundreds of millions of dollars. So, from this day forth, I will always feel like the Millionaire I truly am.

Empowered Millionaire’s
Intangible Wealth Statement

Top 5 Gratitude Factors Value
– Working at a career I enjoy $ priceless
– Living in a free enterprise society $ priceless
– Siblings to cherish and argue with $ priceless
– The unconditional love of my wife and children $ priceless
– Wonderful role models in my mother and father $ priceless

Top 5 Feel Good Factors Value
– Being an entrepreneurial spirit $ priceless
– Helping underprivileged children $ priceless
– Eating chocolate fudge ice-cream $ priceless
– Making passionate love with my spouse $ priceless
– Swimming at the beach on a sunny day $ priceless

Top 5 Physical Assets Value
– Lips with which to kiss $ priceless
– Feet with which to carry me through life $ priceless
– Eyes with which to see a majestic sunset $ priceless
– A heart with which I can love $ priceless

There is a calmness and serenity to a life lived in gratitude, a solitude of the soul, a quiet joy that results from a wholehearted appreciation of just how wealthy I am.

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