The 3 Key Success Traits of Millionaires

Three Qualities Millionaire’s build their Philosophy on a backbone of:

  • Mastery
  • Success
  • Charity

Let me explain in more detail. Mastery refers to continual self-improvement, mastery of oneself; being as financially successful as possible, building vast wealth; and assisting others less fortunate than oneself, being philanthropic.
The potent nature of mastery, success and charity are found in these three highly empowering character traits common to all


#1 They LEARN… increasing their treasure house of knowledge through continual study and mastering life principles through self-advancement. They seek personal mastery.

#2 They EARN… being as financially successful as possible to have the wherewithal to make a constructive impact in this world. They are purpose driven.

#3 They RETURN… giving back to society and their fellow humans through charitable donations and benevolent deeds. They enjoy empowering others.

There is so much more to being wealthy than just being a person who amasses a million dollars and who is known simply as a millionaire. The accumulation of one million dollars, or more, is just a sign that a person (assuming it was done legitimately) is living their life by the high standards they impose impose themselves.

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